Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Amber Alert

The System

Waiting for the fireworks takes patience.

The dog days of Summer are here, and bring their own special challenge.

Chicago has an Alice in Wonderland quality about it…
Things are getting curioUSer and curioUser…

When markets make excessive moves, they need time to consolidate. Sometimes that comes through price, others through time, or time and price.

Today was a shortened day, and mercifully so for players that aren’t in the Hamptons.

[08:11]  E: blue line traders aware of 56

[08:03] E: higher odds today for breakout [10:58] E: 68.63 is targ #EMWS

[11:33] E: my assumption is that most day traders will be capturing profits if any in this 67/69 range #EMWS

[12:32] E: retest IB high 64.75 [12:33] E: pp 64.17 [12:34] E: trail is all [12:35] JG 11: doesn’t get any better than that #EMWS


Twitter for those around and sharing.





Why not


NQ  flyin’ high


All aboard?

Angels and Demons

A Pair of Five’s


Freedom is not free; it has it’s price…

Thanks to all who made our lifestyle possible.

Happy Fourth of July…

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