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Banana Day

Art of Trading

[12:35] E: banana day

[12:35] market making monkeys out of over traders


Not much to say.

Try for a few points. Singles, maybe a double. Not home runs, or anything fancy.

Not enough volume, not enough interest in trading ahead of Ben later in the week. Beige Book tomorrow.

[14:40] E: this is just low volume chop
[14:41] E: and accumulate if playing
[14:41] E: nothing fancy
[14:41] E: a few points here and there


The myriad choices of his fate
Set themselves out upon a plate
For him to choose
What had he to lose…


Chosen support held, as did resistance.

I tried to be the voice of reason, keeping traders from becoming too aggressive today.

Logic said another small day expected.

[14:54] E: [12:35]E: banana day market making monkeys out of over traders

[14:19] E: this 6/7 rotation important this aft holds, can float a bit #EMWS

[14:59] E: protect profits mode
[15:00] E: if made a few points today, keep them
[15:00] E: too hard to come by.
[15:00] E: at least for me


Accumulate capital, and assume narrow, range type trading.


Twittin ’bout nuthin’ and nobody…

Finding an edge today or not interested … #EMWS gm all

[08:15] E: thinking shorts are getting done early [08:16] E: then later it is longs turn [10:21] E: today is day for neutral thinking #EMWS

[08:32] E: finding logical, high odds trades 10:02] E: testing the xx 3.25 #EMWS [10:02] E: any day low but this is high odds test the 3/2

[08:07] E: under 10 at open helps bears [09:50] XXX: vaporize shorts day [10:22] E: wish i was as confident as u guys #EMWS

[10:28] E: not a foaming at the mouth long just liked minor bd [10:54] E: i have made it clear that i believe trap and squeeze is game #EMWS


[11:13] E: try to fade extremes of emotions [11:17] E: boyz have shaken out both sides of ovn range 1 point and kept middle the same #EMWS



@eminiwizard Hello same here E & YW. In & out this week & not very active. Thinking H1 flipflop into 24s RT off today’s lows still possible.

@yeeron ty thin mkts mo end / holday and big ben so trappum and squeezum game for now … find a few good trades and relax #EMWS

Yeeron: @eminiwizard Best thing to do sir, couple rounds of ping pong & then we can all go enjoy what’s left of the summer :-)

[08:19] E: since the magnet is 07 just seemed logical for now #EMWS [13:57] E: sorry to rain on everyone’s parade about kill shorty #EMWS

RT @midget_666: 8.50 pt rule LOD 1403.25 +8.50 = 1411.75 HOD 1412 / interesting… soon will be +3.5 rule at this pace #EMWS

[15:33] E: patient traders looking outside in have made a few points #EMWS

@midget_666 @yeeron @zspb @Jediphone thanks all for posts on #EMWS and be well

And if Epiphany’s terror reduced you to shame 

Have your head bobbed and weaved 
Choose a side to be on…


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