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Big Ben


[08:12] E: neutral zone seems to be the 75 to 88

[08:22] E: 1373.5 is xxx

[08:23] E: so i think we keep perspective
[08:23] E: ww 73.75


[08:36] E: we have neutral to matd


[08:52] E: so lets assume that today can make new high matd
[08:52] E: but expect perhaps less oomph
[08:53] E: so key is thinking defensively about short side
[08:53] E: but not expecting longs to do same as yest


[09:46] E: neutral
[09:46] E: matd
[09:46] E: says pb get bought for bounce


[10:01] E: i really think this is consolidation
[10:01] E: i am neutral


[10:47] E: call me crazy

[10:47] E: i am not convinced we are doing anything more than trying to run stops


[11:22] E: look kids, its Big Ben :)


[08:02] Zeek411: yesterday was an outrageous manipulation, don’t take it personally and don’t fight it and ruin your account


[13:28] E: 73.75 test coming up

[13:35] E: 74 yest angel rth

[13:50] E: nice megaphone
[14:00] E: we said think volleys today of smaller duration
[14:01] E: headfakes both side


[14:14] E: i think range is correct
[14:15] E: now the key is closing
[14:17] E: see how the boyz are megaphone?
[14:17] E: strip the ends go nowhere so far
[14:18] E: [09:16] E: 74.25 support from 60
[14:19] E: [09:47] E: i expect a headfake or two today

[14:19] E: [10:01] E: i really think this is consolidation[10:01] E: i am neutral[10:01] E: not thinking longs have edge other than residual momo[10:01] E: i think it is mistake to think too bullish[10:02] E: differential is why[10:02] E: 87 xx zone is why[10:02] E: bears MUST unwind bulls[10:02] E: if they dont[10:03] E: then they can be squeezed[10:03] E: i think pb will be bought[10:03] E: but doesnt just have to be the 78[10:04] E: news can be disruptive[10:04] E: so neutral best posture

[14:20] E: [10:11] E: stolen range so consolidation is likely
[14:21] E: [10:15] Zeek411: volume us very low again today[10:16] E: i think today is test 88 by time we are done[10:16] E: key will be where do we close[10:17] E: stop run type idea[10:17] E: bulls need to bump stops and hold [10:17] E: otherwise will be seen as just more games
[14:22] E: [10:47] E: call me crazy[10:47] E: i am not convinced we are doing anything more than trying to run stops


[14:50] E: 76.25 the power piv
[14:51] E: so bulls above 74/75 are in control
[14:51] E: i like the range ideas
[14:54] E: dfd probably
[14:55] E: volume getting thinner
[14:55] E: likely to get erratic now
[14:55] E: bot heaven
[14:56] E: no follow thru either side ib low/hi bd


15:02] E: thin markets stop out longs
[15:02] E: then go without them
[15:03] E: nothing solid

[15:33] E: thin markets make for skinny wallets


[15:30] Zeek411: right down to yest 74 angel
[15:30] E: yes
[15:30] Zeek411: kudos to E system’
[15:30] E: :)


Unfulfilled target for longs today.

[10:39] E: and truthfully bears need to step up soon
[10:40] E: if not then 88 test to 90.25 as we said

@Misstrade: They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside… Angels and Demons @eminiwizard


RT @HubertSenters: (Wed03) Why Markets Surged In One Paragraph // beware simplistic answers to complex problems #EMWS

@Bama Trader: @eminiwizard @HubertSenters There is so many things wrong in that “one paragraph”. Not serving avg investors, or traders, at all. $$ #EMWS





I cant even remember where I took this shot. Waver looking for breakdown. My response to myself.


Big Ben and his little Pen..
is a handy tool..

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