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Thinking about Charlie : Will he or won’t he?


[08:13] E: this washout
[08:13] E: makes fools out of many


Fools rush in.

If we don’t know why by now, we probably never will.


You can’t legislate intelligence and common sense into people. – Will Rogers


[08:13] JG 11: y
[08:13] E: first shorts may try too hard
[08:13] Zeek411: that is why I xxx  (Well done !!)
[08:13] E: chasing
[08:14] E: then get caught in bounce
[08:14] E: op ex
[08:14] E: killing premium


All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance. – Will Rogers


Rather than rehashing why and when and probabilities, why not spend a few moments studying the charts, the chat, the blog posts.

Too many of us, myself included, talk too much.

We won’t listen to the message of the market.


The Beta program for studying with us real time for only $100 per month will likely end soon. No system purchase necessary.

This has been a colossal failure, so no sense continuing to do what does not make sense.

Contact if you have any interest.


“I like to sense when traders are trapped, and understand they are going to get squeezed. Join the winning team.”


Thanks all for posts on #EMWS today

RT by TraderPlanet: [14:26] E: every sell has been met with short pb [14:31] E: not 1 neg hr [14:34] E: 53.25 demon hit #EMWS

RT @marketnovice: @eminiwizard You have great market insight, and right on calls as usual. / thank u today was psychology day #EMWS

RT @mrtopstep: Selling of late here, just like yesterday… / profit taking from longs is all i think shorts on the hook #EMWS

“Never miss a chance to shut up” – Will Rogers


He must be talking to me… lol








Angel caught wings today…

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