Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Cheap Seats


Seeing both sides of the trade helps us find common ground.

Being stubborn puts us into it.

@Bamatrader: lol – lots of noise from the cheap seats. RT @eminiwizard: don’t play this game if all u do is crunch numbers #EMWS

Cheap seats.

Bama is right.

Anyone can talk a good game, and most do.





[14:02] E: Major Swing and fibo traders will take note of 83, “cheap seats” will see it in hindsight #EMWS
@BamaTrader lol :) this is a psychology day… #EMWS

Our pre market skull session contemplated likely targets and ideas for today’s trade.

We thought early longs would get taken out, but also suspected late shorts could not just get complacent. Shorting too low is dangerous.

Fibo targets said 1383 was a major crossroad, and we suggested 82 as stiff support.

Once momo began long side, the trapped shorts were squeezed for a new high.

That’s why the 1409 target.


The Emini wizard system is unique, but we also do our homework.

[10:54] E: i just think that the fix is in


[08:22] E: i think crumbs left maybe for rth shorts
[08:23] E: stealing the range
[08:25] E: daily chart shows 88.25 gap
[08:26] E: bears need a big long bar
[08:27] E: knock out the 92 and test the 85 from above
[08:27] E: i think first need to get by 91
[08:30] E: power pivot 91.25
[08:30] E: perfect regression trade


[08:37] E: before done, testing 97/98 is likely

[08:54] E: 89.5 is t1
[08:54] E: 83.25 is t2
[08:55] E: i still think not a cake walk


[08:54] E: 89.5 is t1 [08:54] E: 83.25 is t2 / Now that’s more like it #EMWS

[09:37] E: the target should be test 87/ 83 today


[10:40] E: and low is likely in

[10:44] E: and i think this is typical month end drop em to buy em cheap and window dress


Traders in our room know the real story.

[11:30] JG 11: today has definitely been a team effort

[10:50] JG 11: a big ty to Team E this morning
[10:51] JG 11: well done
[10:51] E: :)
[10:51] Dean Pek: yeah great stuff today.

[11:52] Zeek411: this may be best trading room
[11:52] E: :)
[11:53] Zeek411: everyone helps and we come with excellent ideas plus we have stops jic
[11:53] E: and understand we will be wrong
[11:53] E: not always right


[11:18] E: but clearly this is a reversal

11:48] E: trapped shorts can be squeezed


No sense boring anyone with the details.

[11:10] E: i think this is protected for window dressing


‘Results is the name of the game.”


Keep it simple.

Not indicators, not LVN or HVPOC or support or whatever.

Study the emotions of the traders behind those ideas to find good trades.


There’s nothing like the view from the cheap seats…

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