Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Chimp Change

Risk and Reward

There are many good traders out there, and many are willing to share.

If you are looking for a mentor, find someone who seems consistent with their posts and day after day is at least in the ball park.

Who knows where the last tic is?

I don’t; good enough for gov’t work is my motto.


Speaking of that idea…

[11:37] E: this is still election run and also first of month bias #EMWS

“I am from the government and I am here to help you.”

BoomO machines may be running overnight with the debates.


Traders looking for precision will miss the idea of “marginal highs and lows”.

Essentially double bottoms or double tops, and only in hindsight will we know for sure.


Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts,
Of men who need more than they get
Daylight deals a bad hand, 
To a woman that has laid too many bets…


RT @BamaTrader: @eminiwizard Exactly right, E TAKE THE TRADE as it comes, the manage risks first, then profits. #EMWS / <<Bama is smart #FF


RT @RenaTrader: trading room earlier RenaTrader: SUP 1436-34 – not bad! – Diamond Setups: / great call rena #EMWS


RT @eminiplayer: $ES_F 1442.25 24-hr mid-point and VWAP here // Some rotation there1443.75-1444.25 is Key above / learn from a pro #FF #EMWS


atoast2toast: @eminiwizard is above avg vol , can reach 1448.75 (1st chart, yday vpoc)…


McTweet: RT @eminiwizard: [08:26] E: my guess is the 36 /35 intact E: squeeze poss as long as that true #EMWS any day high day < bingo $spy $ES_F

(Mike is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly smart.) Joke. lol.

These guys are on fire, but I am just a monkee throwing darts, remember?


I embrace the sharing, as well as the humanity.


We are people first, traders second.

I want those traders to succeed. Bring honor to themselves, their family, their chosen profession.

Likely they have paid their dues of  a minimum of 10,000 hours of study, experience, blood sweat and tears to attain the level of insight they have.

“Thank You All.”


All the love in the world cant be gone
All the need to be loved cant be wrong
All the records are playing
And my heart keeps saying…


When traders hang in there long enough to collaborate, we challenge our own assumptions.

Often, different methods lead to similar conclusions.

Now I have no idea why player sees 48.75 as resistance, til he says it.

5-min $ES_F Chart with S/R Zones — Initial Support to 1448.75 NVPOC (Primary Upside Objective) $SPY $Study


What I do know is he and these other great traders are consistently posting sophisticated ideas, and when they jive with my own, it gives me more confidence in my own ideas.

[08:04] E: reaction zones 46 then 49


The chump change remaining from our scale out target 47.75 allows for capturing the lion’s share, then possibly reversing with better risk reward ratio.

Usually it takes time for the U turn.


@BamaTrader ty psychology was why i liked it [08:28] E: is to prevent shorts from getting position (knock out yest 46 traders) #EMWS

Call me Crazy (Maybe), but the goal of the Boyz is to run stops.

Page 101 in the criminal handbook: “Let’s create more commissions by making the traders exit and enter their positions more often.”

Random walk my A*s.


The hidden pivot at 41… several reasons, one the rain line. There were two or three other reasons though. Strong confluence.


The mirror stares you in the face and says
Baby, uh uh it dont work
You say your prayers though you dont care
You dance and shake the hurt…


Dance steps please…




@BamaTrader @buythestops @RenaTrader @mctweet770 @eminiplayer @atoast2toast @SpiderTrades @Marketrend thanks all for recent posts on #EMWS


Connect the dots, follow the clues…

@Bama RT @eminiwizard: [10:22] E: target 47 today i think #EMWS <—- Boogie Woogie

Boogie wonderland, wonderland…

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