Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Chart Patterns

I’m falling from Cloud Nine…


One measure we showed members last night was the pipe.

We discussed it today as a logical trading range, with 57 as resistance.

We came within two points of it EOD.

Did we expect it?

No, who can predict an outlier day ahead of time?

All we can do is protect ourselves from damaging our accounts and keep reading the tea leaves.


I’m wide awake…


What can I say?





Once the market speaks, be a lover of the market, not a fighter.

Original premise: Convenient trade was scalp short, 53 as resistance. Likely to test 53 to 55 if news spike. Sideline for news. Rut roh. Can’t be stubborn. Likely to test the 38/36 now.

The rest is History, including advising traders to take some profits by 34.5 for possible lunch bounce.

The pitiful bounce that couldn’t hold already told us what we knew: win with trailers and let the guessers have fun. If flattened for lunch, get back in trend trade and risk a few points.


The 5 rth chart was a mess at the open.

If we are below the blue line, then the pattern becomes clear.

Umbrellas come out, and Rain from Cloud nine.


How long? who knows.

[15:11] xxxx : what do you wait to see before you would enter long [15:12] E: why do i want to? #EMWS

@eminiwizard seriously, great answer.. What makes you want to own risk knowing what you should already know.. #NotSmart




The Picture of Power

Recent Rabid Dog Days much more frequent. Must be disciplined.

Multi view early. Still stretched.

Angels and Demons forming early.


Bulls and Bears

The Pipe

A and D


Member Charts

Spot and Fido(yesterday)

ThePipe (yesterday)

Spot and Fido today

Tunnel Vision

Spot and Fido today EOD

Fibo SS


[13:49] Janelle _: Quote from E: 21.25 Big Support -“will get re-tested” [13:52] Lindy C: 2nd Quote from E – E: today is any low day


How did I read the stars so wrong…

And now its clear to me

That everything you see

Aint always what it seems…


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