Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Criminal Minds R Us




[08:54] Zeek411: today is about stolen range and limited opportunity


There is always opportunity.

[08:15]  E: if have call options

[08:15]  E: cash some in this am


If you played pre market and understood yesterday’s post, you probably had a good day, even before the open.

We had several valid ideas for trading today, and preferred scalp short then align with the trend.

[08:46]  E: early shorts likely to get beat

[08:46]  E: with agg support at 47

[08:46]  E: trapped shorts

[08:46]  E: is the problem


If we had the discipline to do that, a fabulous day.


We talked about rhythm, about Life, about belief in our self.

Even if no one else does, ya gotta believe.

[08:18]  E: … gap at 58.75


I do.

The Emini wizard system is alive and well.

[08:37] Dean unpektable: you did say this could happen yesterday E, well done.


Let your Bat do the talking. – Pop

[10:04] E: criminal handbook says do it overnight
[10:05] E: then have luxury of making traders conservative rth
[10:05] E: so we want to buy pb





[11:18] E: primary target is hit but still in my mind shorts need to challenge yest low #EMWS

@CHAMCC ty for rt we thought shorts must test yest low or lose.


Through talking for awhile.

Vacationing next week with family.


I have given away lots of secrets for those few who regularly read my posts.

[13:18]  E: this afternoon as long as that 46.5 low in place

[13:18]  E: market can try for dt+

[13:18]  E: may be choppy

[13:18]  E: take forever

Hope it has helped you.


Interesting chart posted by the General.

One of many traders in our member’s resource section


$Znga and the art of distribution

If I can’t be consistent with my methodology… something wrong with it

step by step

good morning exercise … squeeze oranges and shorts

Huffin and Puffin

any high day … but time for some java now say yeehaa

[09:33] E: i think we stall by 59 [09:26] E: 47 support is key as agg#EMWS [09:21] E: 200 lying on ground 195 of it has blown away

[09:29] E: no trade first 5 mins [09:29] E: if u are long [09:30] E: do not allow it to come back against u #EMWS

[08:43]E: risk and reward today terrible long side from here #EMWScommon sense

[08:31]E: longs this morning good luck better odds scalp short or stand aside [08:35] E: shorts need cleaned out then we get decent pb #EMWS

[13:28] E: 54 targ a good one [13:28] E: stops up longs [13:28] E: 54.5 is demon and intial high this am #EMWS

[09:52] E: look to align with trend and expect small reward #EMWS

[15:30] E: protect profits mode [15:30] E: capture all but trailer if long by 56

[14:46] E: squeeze still possible eod #EMWS [14:57] E: goal of the pb was to trap shorts and squeeze, remember?

[15:11] E: and expecting higher high [15:12] E: to test the 58.75

[15:47] E: bingo #EMWS


Only Two points a month to study with us, go figure. No double down, no razzle dazzle.


[14:52]  E: Jim Rohn said it best

[14:53]  E: 1 take responsibility for ourselves

[14:53]  E: 2 non of us is as strong as all of us

[14:53]  E: 3 weave joy from our substance

[14:53]  E: powerful advice


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