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Stop Losses

Not much to say but Dayum!


Today was lucky guess day, plain and simple.

I freely admit to ignorance.

[08:09]  E: i have no idea where the high will eventually be found

No explanations required, other than trying to make common sense out of a manipulated market.


My thesis was take out the year high, then possible first attack fail. Marginal high.

wbo 16.75 is support til broken


Next premise, we have come a long way, so step by step possible to…

hit the half gap

test symmetry area

fill the gap…

test the IB low breakdown target/day low

Test week’s angel at 11…, possible break yesterday’s low…

test the 08/06 zone….

Think about timing




Well, maybe an educated guess…

[08:13]  E: yesterday 14+ is ok under is negative

[08:13]  E: today same

[08:38]  E: above 14

[08:38]  E: testing 22  25 poss

[08:40]  E: we will make a new high the question is how high

[08:51]  E: xxx  targets 24.25

[10:15] E: i think this am if we get to the 24 we have done well[10:15] E: cuz pace so slow[10:15] E: lately



  • The market is not negative; we made a new high…
  • We need a pb, but bulls will be making shorts play wacamole
  • Market is being manipulated , look for evidence of support found for next attack by longs
  • Take something out of the market rather than try for killing in any one trade
  • Do our own homework; there are no gurus, NONE, who know exactly where the market is going
  • If we sense trapped traders, capitalize on those fleeting opportunities
  • Use stops, as we will likely be wrong and wrong often
  • Many unfilled gaps below us
  • It’s about the election run, seasonal bias may be affected this year
  • Fade high odds completion areas, especially if we have some profits we are willing to risk


Twitter One



RT @eminiplayer: $ES_F Short-term Volume Profile Composites I’m keeping an eye on #EMWS #FT71 $SPY $Study /beautiful ty

[08:18]E: i think breakout will be wimpy

[08:18]  E: not explosive type

Wimpy is king of burger eaters… just don’t get too greedy…


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