Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Risk and Reward

Face our Demons confidently.

First, we have to know what they are.


A special thanks to Spider Trades and Jediphone.

@SpiderTrades Thanks for that post Saturday, you made my day. :) #EMWS

They continually retweet my posts and post relevant comments to our stream.

(Saturday, Sept 8) @SpiderTrades: A lot of people with services can teach you, not many can inspire you as well. Here’s two that can do both @eminiwizard @traderstewie

RT @Jediphone: Lest we forget – 2008 Year High for $ES_F was 1441.00 -> $4.00 to go and BO & BB can say highest since 2007… #FT71 #EMWS



The key idea today had to be risk and reward. Although we have another higher target in mind, it doesn’t mean we can’t take a step back first.

Suggested resistance today? 38/39 just like Friday, since we haven’t broken it yet.


On pullbacks looking for support?

First, half gap support at 34. If broken, then test 32, 30.75, and any day low.

Presumably, 27 needed to hold or any low possible, including testing the 24.75 breakout.

[15:57] E: but this is test likely of the 24.75 idea


[09:52] Zeek411: dead patient


15:50] E: bye bye weak hands
[15:50] E: late longs lotsa luck we said


Our presumption is that smart longs are capturing some profits ahead of rollover and Hell E copter Man.

3 PM news was anticipated to move things around a bit.

The daily chart had air on it, so once in pb mode, any day low becomes available, step by step.

Pek becoming da man wid da plan for NQ.

Just in, and typical of how challenging this game is.

Two bright, experienced traders.

Cry baby, cry……
Crying defines your emotion…

Use stops.

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