Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Domino and Geronimo

Risk and Reward

[08:04] E: op ex more fun and games

[08:34] E: should get rotations today with more players back


beautiful target Boyz 75 get out of their way when they are on a mission

Midget_665: RT @eminiwizard: Breakfast of Champions … java and juice #EMWS // Don’t forget the wheaties


Momentum is a curious animal.

The Beast  will snap and bite whoever is on the wrong side of the leash.


[08:55] E: so shorts need to take out the 68 level to test the 67.25 angel
[09:08] E: i think this is nice target 68.5 or so
[09:08] E: for premarket
[09:08] E: if keeps going then longs in trouble

[09:13] E: 67.25 is angel
[09:48] E: draw play up the middle again #EMWS


[10:31] E: if longs defend 75 [10:32] E: then shorts can be squeezed [10:46] E: still potential to test the 84/85 #EMWS


Fast up is sometimes fast down… but not always.

Stops must be hit to unwind profits, and that was why we wanted the afternoon trade to hit 76.75.

Lunch low tested the support zone and held.

[11:02] E: using 88 as resistance if want to try short

[11:55] E: any day hi or low
[11:56] E: late longs
[11:56] E: best oppty was half gap gap
[11:56] E: av pivot 85.5


Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling? -M. C. Escher


Masters of Illusion

Sharp bounces that fail are characteristic of corrective markets.

Friday’s long way home trade was still a player, but only if the dominoes begin to fall.

[09:14] E: 71 is a marker now


Receive now funny email…. ” Carlos, I’d like to mentor you… ” maybe one day but only from jedi @eminiwizard

RT @Marketrend: @eminiwizard thank u E 4 or notes/time. #masterjedi / just like u… a student of the market. thanks Carlos #EMWS


RT @eminiwizard: @Marketrend train may be big but the caboose always arrives late #EMWS > WIth train or not never fight with wolfe

Translation: It’s all about risk and reward and not arriving too late to the party.







DeMark worth a read.

So are the charts before bedtime so our intuition can work while we sleep. Note today’s key areas and see if they make sense.


[09:39] E: op ex
[09:40] E: and agg shorts who try for the new lows
[09:40] E: reminder we had vicious bounce fri

[09:41] E: professional traders rather miss than short lows


Not really the draw play, but you get the picture…


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