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Dull Drums


Risk and Reward

Opportunity was limited, but the Emini wizard system caught a few trades.

[08:45] E: i think if we find a few points here and there in this market we are lucky
[08:46] E: feel like cindy loo who


We liked the 93.75 low as support early, and suggested buying that neighborhood for the half gap/gap trade.

[08:15] E: 93.5 yest angel

At the open we liked 95 support.

[08:21] E: 95 angel attempt

When 1400 broke, we assumed the 1402/03 fair game, and considered that resistance for shorts who were patient.

Middle trading is never easy.


[08:37] E: moves south have been bought
[08:37] E: and runs done overnight have trapped shorts
[08:37] E: to make progress
[08:37] E: so bull is either tired
[08:37] E: and resting
[08:38] E: or full of bull


When the bulls got left standing at the altar, multiple targets available, including take out the IB low.

Rainline support, and lunch coming. Tics said done, as did stopping volume divergence.  Lose the shorts, flip if you are so inclined.

Range day expected.

[08:13] E: just seems like boyz went on vacation and said manage this


The 1400/01 target met, and shorts were reminded that the method of advancement lately has been trapping Charlie and squeezing in low volume.

Another slow day at the office.

Wedge seems to be forming.


Twenty minute chart globex was useful.

Five rth helpful.

Angels and Demons battled cautiously in low volume.


Plan: Make a few trades catching pieces of the small swings, and get out of the way.

I don’t like sitting in the market for a few hours in a narrow range going nowhere.


The doldrums continue with no favorable breeze for anything more than a narrow run.  Flexible traders dont care which way the market is moving, as long as it is.


Do you hear the people sing?

[16:11] tim  .: thanks E…kept us out of trouble




When the beating of your heart

Echoes the beating of the drums,

There is a life about to start

When tomorrow comes…


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