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Flyin’ High


The end of the week was clearly hammered out with an exclamation point, not a question mark.

The Bears were utterly destroyed late day when the 98 refused to cave in during the opening swing. The IB breakout triggered a short squeeze after a tedious 19 bar slim jim developed late morning and into early lunch.

[13:00]  E: this is slow slingshot

[13:00]  E: but charlie trapped


I feel so good…


[12:33]  E: @eminiwizard what is the expectation today after the big plunge sunday night, big move up during the week?

[12:33]  E: that was asked of me on twitter

[12:34]  E: @alaimoa key retest is the 12 area see if the shorts can defend it #EMWS

[12:34]  E: @alaimoa we are thinking we have op ex next week, rollover. so today longs try to regain some of lost territory from yesterday #EMWS


The truly humble say thanks when they have time, and only the small minded feel they are above that.

He picked my brain, never even said than you.

Go figure.


[08:09]  E: eod yesterday I suggested 98 support

[08:09]  E: i left it there overnight

We had the Angel at 1301.75,  and hoped for the half gap and gap play. When we zipped through the IB high, we knew the key would then be the overnight high test, then the 12/15 zone. As momentum developed, two high dynamite triangles formed and were flyin’ high; then it was squeeze into the close.

Bullish action going into Options Expiration week.

An outstanding trader, @Pipczar made a nice post about not needing to brag; others will do it for you if you are worthy of it.

That’s why I post a few things here and there that some of our traders say about the Emini wizard system.

Some have joined but not hung around long enough to understand the simplicity in complexity.

It takes time to learn, and more time to apply these ideas.


[10:51] Dean unpektable: outstanding work E and Z

[16:08] tim  m: Mike, consider joining, I haven’t regretted it

[16:08] tim  m: only wish I had come sooner

[16:09] Mike M: yeah there’s not really any other place like it imo


Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein

[16:06]  E: we said rollover could get one way down yest and today one way up


[10:56]  E: professionals take $ out of newbies hands

[10:56]  E: pros fight

[10:56]  E: not each other

[10:57]  E: but for newbies money

That’s why I have no problemo endorsing other great traders like @pipczar, eminiplayer, renato, bama, the general, and a host of others too numerous to mention.


It would be a mistake to think humbleness means lack of confidence; au contraire, the Eminiwizard system continues to demonstrate an amazing ability to get us in the right ballpark. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

“Under 1406 is bearish”

“Sixty-two support until broken”.

Position traders can do exceedingly well with our approach.







Charts of importance.

Twenty chart on the money

Multiple charts saying “Up”

Support found

Slingshot Day

U Turn



I was not as bullish as Zeek. I thought we might get range trading. The objective criteria, however, cannot be ignored.

[13:09]  E: [09:53]  E: unless we break 1310

[13:09]  E: [09:53]  E: i doubt slingshot

[13:11]  E: [09:51] Zeek411: could be slingshot day [10:44] E: shorts already caught [12:49] E: triggers potential 16 test #EMWS

[13:12]  E: stop at 12 now for day traders

[13:15] Janelle _: big tick divergence on this move

[13:17]  E: ty

[13:17]  E: hats off to zeek for out standing call

[13:17]  Zeek411: awe shucks

[13:18]  E: rofl


Birds flyin high…

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