Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


We all know that FOMC impacts the stock market, but what about FOMB?


Friday’s catapult was the culminating move in a week of stem to stern buying and squeezing. Day traders are not immune to the greater waves in play, and in fact will likely do much better if they are in tune with the bigger picture.

Hindsight of course makes analysis and saying moves were predictable look easy. If you have been trading awhile, you understand that phenomenon. In the heat of the moment, I find understanding the interplay of multiple time frames allows for better “educated guessing“.

Earlier this week, in our room we walked about Pristine’s 3 to 5 bar drop on the Daily chart.

We focused on the 5 minute rain line, suggesting it was probably strong support.

Target achieved Monday into the 96, and be careful of trying to get any more.

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is challenging, but when we have a number of “jurors” that agree, it strongly tips the scales in favor of a distinct bias.

On numerous charts this week we posted “First Of Month Bias“, and we expected a long side push based on our knowledge of patterns and repeatable strategies.

Sellum to buy ’em cheap as Triple 7 says.


Green, Red, Blue, Pink,

… and don’t over think.


I agreed with Steven about the slim jim, which can break in either direction. At the end of the week after this strong move, we felt the 42 zone was resistance as we posted. Not much opportunity for day traders. Entering weekly options a few days before allows for hedging type trades or limited risk plays.


Super Sunday. Like Superman, the market is able to leap over tall buildings.

It’s easy… just look back to the Thanksgiving low and see how far we have come by the use of financial engineering.


Have you ever seen a run down, dilapidated Casino?

“Step right up and try your chances…everyone’s a winner!

I’ll even toss in free meals and drinks with an overnight junket…”

How can we lose on a good deal like that?






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“Thank You” all, ver much appreciated.


In one of our conversations this week, we discussed the concept of using “money you can afford to lose”. Set a limit, spin the wheel, see how we can do with a very challenging environment in a very difficult business.

No shame in discovering who we really are, and moving on if this is not for us.

Self-responsibility in life seems to fly in the face of public opinion, government policies, and the present administration.


Rather not think about it.

Let’s have another beer, deli sandwich and a few chips, and enjoy the game.

Let’s be Patriotic and forget about our Giant problems…


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