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The System

By 9 am today I was gone, Christmas shopping with family, part of our annual ritual. My wife and daughters are the power lifters who shop, while I go along for the ride. I carry the packages and gifts, and have a fun time at lunch just being out in the real world.

Ours is a lonely profession, and I enjoy kibitzing with people when I get the chance. Engaging others in conversation is as simple as offering a smile and a bit of humor.

I do that with old and young alike whenever I can get their attention away from technology, and that’s no easy task.

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” – The conductor, in The Polar Express

Prices I notice are a bit inflated, but they usually carry a “40% off” showing the item for sale.

When they have an additional 25% off, it gets my attention.


The Emini wizard system has several major components, and can be used for day, swing and position trading. Full time traders will probably use a combination of these ideas.


There are some traders out there who can be proficient in a number of markets. While I can see the same relationships and ideas in other financial vehicles, I prefer to remain focused. My confidence level is greater, and honestly, there is usually enough travel range daily to offer enough opportunity for profits.

Years ago I subscribed to Larry Williams’ hotline, and I heard him offer that advice. He focused on Bonds and the Sp.


Market structure is important to me. As a builder, one of my great joys has been the creative process. Using ideas and bricks, sticks and mortar, giving new life and energy from the ground up.

Measure twice, cut once.


We had support this morning from 7.5 to 9.5 before the 8:30 news.

7:42 E: … done so retest the 7.5/9.5


After the foundation is in, framing gives shape and a skeleton to our home. If our plans are good, the task is easier, and waste is minimal.

Then we can put the roof on, and enclose it with doors, windows, and siding, while we get ready for the interior infrastructure.


At 8:31 the high odds reversal zone was identified for team E.

8:27 E: this is profit taking ahead of news
8:28 E: 08.75 yest middle
8:30 E: targ 18
8:30 E: 17.5
8:31 E: bingo
8:31 E: done by 22
8:32 E: using 24 as resist scalp short


9:03 E: backing and filling … 24 resistance til broken


A lot of work goes into building a home. Step by step, the minutes, hours, days and weeks all get meshed together though the blender of time. Power tools make the work a lot easier.


I mentioned the other day that concepts are the same, but the numbers are different. Building houses of different sizes and shapes and materials is a similar idea; so is giving energy and life to conversations with the people we meet along the road.


9:26 Zeek411 I am using 10 angel since actual angel is a mess 18.25 demon

10:06 Zeek411 we should have another leg lower maybe to 10 or 09

Don’t mess with the Christmas Angel.


When we give the gift of consistent trading ideas that actually work in the market, others can benefit.

Zeek has learned the important components, and doesn’t need me anymore to identify profitable trade ideas. He is sharing them with Team E, while I am out of the office. That is what showing traders how to trust themselves is all about.

“The Bell still rings for me, and for those who truly believe.” – The Boy, in The Polar Express


“The service we give to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth.” – Muhammed Ali

Still trying to pay my rent.


A big thanks to @Bama for his post today.

BamaTrader: Two of the best…. #FF @RenaTrader @Eminiwizard #EMWS

Spiderman, ditto.

SpiderTrades: @eminiwizard Thank you for the blog, I do read it every day. And today is a good example of why. Your writing style is unique.





When you are ready, the system is here. Day after day it provides solid guidelines for profitable trades with defined risk. While others speculate about the “big moves”, The Emini wizard system cranks out profits in the day’s trading range.

We know what we are looking for, do you?

7:43 E: rain 9.5 5 rth

“There’s no greater gift than friendship.” – Santa Claus, in The Polar Express

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