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Going in Circles

Money Management

Friends of Distinction are important  for trade ideas.

42 support idea was a friend for the long side today.


Shorts who missed yesterday were over anxious to shoot the fish in the barrel. The DCB was our idea… and the key was how high is high today?

Inside yest IB is all we know so scalp is all if playing wac a mole pre market b4 news  #EMWS


After a tight range for IB, with a dynamite triangle being formed, we already suspected Charlie was going the wrong way when the 43.75 half gap could not be attained.

Our trade logic called for shorting the 49.5 pre market as an edge, then targets 46.25, 45.25, 44.25.

[09:23] E: 46.25 45.25 44.25

42/43 was the assumed support zone for busting yesterday’s RTH high.


[09:36] E: traders who wouldnt enter premarket and now want to short the middle the 46
[09:36] E: are out of wac
[09:36] E: edge came at 49
[09:36] E: because this is middle of ovn
[09:37]  456 48 = demon
[09:38] E: and traders who wait for more info/confirmation
[09:38] E: lose edge
[09:38] E: we anticipate
[09:38] E: based on our understanding of market structure


[09:54] E: market already showing signs it is going to be stubborn and stingy

[12:29]  E: and today is dont give it all back day


[14:16]  E: squeeze potential eod if bears cannot break 48

[14:20]  E: retests are very important ideas





[13:05]  E: we are being supported by the invisible hand

Bart is smart.


Rollover.  Relax and find the rhythm. About 5 to 6 points differential, so deja vu all over again.


I’m spun out over you…


[10:40]  E: dog has fleas day

[10:40]  E: have to scratch and scratch

[10:40]  E: lol

[10:42] Lindy C: lol


I can’t get no satisfaction…

cause I’m on a losing streak..

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