Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Trading as a Business

Let Freedom ring.


If our siren song is Freedom, we will need to employ a system that is duplicatable.

Champion baseball hitters earn hefty salaries for being wrong twice and right once.

Traders need to accept three strikes and we are out.

Come back another day with another swing, another mindset, another pitcher to face.


There are as many approaches to trading as there are to hitting. Bunts, sacrifices, singles, doubles, base on balls, home runs.

Many new traders believe in Grand Slams every time at bat, with no strikeouts.

Minor league thinkers.

This ain’t T ball.


Durable players like Cal Ripken set the standard.

Bring awareness to what is real, what is not.


The Pendulum has swung too far for “free advice”.

We are leaving that arena. We know the value of our system, and there is no shortage of chat rooms selling their wares by offering freebies for weeks.

We have had traders contact us with that idea, expecting to experience something different than what their own two eyes have continuously shown them from my posts on twitter.

As a business entity, it is time for us to be more realistic about the time and energy devoted to Twitter Posts.


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