Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Little Boxes


E: [08:02]  E: all about that 30 min bar

[08:03] E: range trading


Plan was for aggressive shorts to scalp short near 39 as a contra, one to two point stop above the high. Target 34 to 32 max. Long side resistance target of 41 was never achieved. The day high was 40.25 in the EOD stop run.

[08:59] E: late shorts from yesterday under water

[10:47] E: so 32/34 primary zone is better take what we can

[08:29] E: says above 32 and 34 at open is positive

[09:31] E: 33.88 half gap

[09:58] E: be happy if get half gap


[08:29] E: i think today is another day of hit and run

The rest was hoss’ tradin’ as they say.

Minor break of IB low just enough to suck some shorts in. The late day spike that ran stops is for long side trailers and those willing to holdover.


War is not the answer, although it seems to be the m.o. as a stimulant for economies.

I wish there were a better way.



[08:20] E: looks like we have important higher low higher high structure
[08:21] E: but when only 1 point type
[08:21] E: hh
[08:21] E: its the hard kind


10 min globex in play

Angels and Demons

NQ support zone

Premarket support 28, 31

EOD 15 back up chart

Multi view

Globex TV


Day after day, the Emini wizard system continues to locate high odds, low risk trades. It’s our cookie cutter at work.

Half gap trade with a few points of risk a winner. Play range.

Buy 32-34 zone, done by 38 and trail for more as odds change.

Accumulate capital and put in your safety deposit box.


14:42] E: 60 chart globex and 5 rain show 32/34 as supportive until broken


Rollover tomorrow, ready to rock and roll.


Twitter stream  #EMWS quiet today.

No worries.


Use stops, to avoid having our trading accounts put into the other kind of little box…

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