Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Long Live Life


We are about to celebrate independence day.

Seas would rise when I gave the word… 


“Do they have a 4th of July in Europe?” I asked the other day.

“No” was the response from one of our brightest traders.


“Now the old King is dead, long live the King!”


Markets were thin and rambling today.

We thought most traders would be susceptible to over trading.

In my opinion, the morning pullback had limited downside potential based on momo. Upside had little room left to run based on Friday being two trading days stacked on top of each other.

[08:30] E: i think the game was git ‘er done for a few days
[08:30] E: this was largest day up in looooooooong time

We reasoned that the ATR suggested 2 days of git ‘er done was done, so markets would be sluggish and just absorbing that big push.

[13:30] E: [10:25] E: key relationship is …xxx
[13:34] E: cannot be inflexible thinker/trader


One minute I held the key

next the walls closed in on me…

The criminal handbook is alive and well.

Strip away the illusions and see reality as it is, not as you wish it to be.
We had the 50.5 marker important, and a one point lower low should not have thrown us off our game.

Angel at 52.25 helped confirm the mechanics of today’s fence-posts.


I used to roll the dice,

feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes…



Premarket MATD done

Angels and demons




Think Creatively

EOD multi




Listen as the crowd would sing…






“Of course they have a fourth of July…

They just don’t celebrate it. ”

Common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world.


[13:01] E: most traders so in love with them selves for getting 2 points today

[13:01] E: make hay when sun is shining

[13:01] E: this is not about how long can we sit here to make $

[13:01] E: it’s the opposite

[13:01] E: if u are a business owner

[13:02] E: think “how can I make money while I sleep”


I used to rule the world,

[16:00] JG 11: great concept, using that rain line idea


Short story:

Now in the morning I sleep alone

sweep the streets that I used to own…


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