Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Lurch ‘n Church



Do you remember what it was like learning to drive a stick shift?


I remember seeing Larry Williams at a seminar one time, where he explained his crouch trade.

When I think a pullback is going to give traders a whole lot more, I remind myself of that idea.

Charlie likes to pounce short when he is on his knees, when the market has shown a willingness to be in a trend. Professionals would rather take the uncomfortable trade.

Fade the extremes, and put those extremes in context.


[08:04]  E: hi all

[08:04]  E: if you look at the daily charts

[08:04]  E: something quite interesting

[08:05]  E: playing cautiously next few days

[08:05]  E: 60 chart in play

[08:05]  E: but swings have been substantial

[08:05]  E: overnight range is larger than normal

[08:06]  E: and after revisiting the scene of the crime,  strong bounce

Half gap trade at the open, why not?


[10:39] E: but today i think fighting emas makes it harder
[10:40] E: so my bias is be neutral
[10:40] E: expect headfake
[10:40] E: trap shorts
[10:40] E: squeeze
[10:41] E: and i dont like the way the market has been so much of a bully
[10:41] E: that everyone wants the pb


[11:24] E: and interstingly
[11:25] E: this is same battle we had a few days ago
[11:26] Eric .: Get a running start to jump the creek
[11:27] E: yes !
[11:27] E: so this compresses both sides
[11:27] E: into emotional battle


[11:34] E: second failure
[11:34] E: anyone short
[11:34] E: be done by 16
[11:34] E: trail is all u can do
[11:35] Lindy C: one more time to catch the shorts?
[11:37] E: it bothers me that ther has been no rip your face off move this morning
[11:37] E: so i am not as bullish as z
[11:37] E: 23 rejected several times
[11:37] E: so if nibble short
[11:37] E: at least have odds of the retracement move
[11:38] E: playing range


And we”ll remember,

we are all God’s children…


[11:54] E: “this business is not for the emotionally immature

We need to constantly interpret new information as it becomes known.

[12:02] E: and any low avail now
[12:03] E: 1309 = xx.


[12:15] E: 60 chart very helpful today
[12:15] E: 2 key thoughts
[12:16] E: 1) idea of sharp ralies that fail
[12:16] E: 2) must be disciplined or dont trade this type market


Members charts


[09:48] E: cannot see this ripping south
[09:49] E: if it does, its to pick up passengers to squeeze and grind


Pick up passengers and lurch.

Late day rally… the jv team learning how to handle the controls while the Big Boyz already have one foot out the door for the weekend party.

Driving their stick shift and making a mess of the charts.






Reaching out to touch you,

reaching to the sky…


[12:11] Zeek411: this may be the pinball trade

Right idea, wrong timing.

[12:18] Zeek411: you are right, this is the worst timing for entering a trade and having to wait 90 minutes or more
[12:19] Zeek411: IB low broken and we are chopping around, that is not a very good sign for the pinball trade

That is how a professional handles himself.

Zeek is best of the best; a true professional.


[12:42] E: bias is scalp short on bounces
[12:43] E: expect them to be limited
[12:43] E: if buy
[12:43] E: then think try for 2 to 3 points
[12:43] E: and must get above the 19 again for any traction


And help us to be wise…

In times when we don’t know…

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