Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


MATD was the bias, but likely to get at least a ten point handle pullback.

From where and when was the question.

Bells dont go off at tops or bottoms, if you know what I mean…

MAD if you missed it, but edge was in the pre market short, then the fly through both ways in the double cross.

Intuition said more conservative range today, but minimum target we had long side was 62.5 to 64.


Some things that happen for the first time,

seem to be happening again


We suggested conservative shorts would start anywhere  from 62 to 67.

The plan was play into it, then look to scale out and look for the higher odds reversal.

Premarket call was for the 58/59 as resistance to get to the 54 mid zone, then use 52 as aggressive stop for the long.

Say yeehaa and yeehaa.


With profits, much easier to take the hoped for week high is done trade from the 68, which was our .786 zone  that we thought fibo traders would see.

The noon trade for the 63.5 target was scalp only, as we thought the 57/56 available.


The half gap 53 was the carrot for the shorts, but likely the one that gets us in trouble, so dont over trade, and go play golf if smart.

Bulls in control, but yesterday’s range stole some of today’s was our idea.






We reviewed with our members how to use the system for crude oil.

Have a nice weekend all.


But who knows where or when…


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