Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Mind our Own Business

Money Management

Trading is a business.

Market calls  and being active is a part of it.

More often than not, most businesses will not survive the incubation period for several reasons.

Under capitalized, lack of a viable product that people want, bad management, wrong timing, unfavorable pricing.


What does your business plan look like?

Do you have one?


Every day we pay the price…

Do you have a contingency plan for trouble?

Do you know the technicals, but not yourself?

Are you trading the vehicle most suited for your account and style of trading?

What is your biggest strength?

Your worst weakness?

How will you do more of the former and over come the latter?


How do you feed your mind?


Moving away from just showing market calls.

Three plus years.

Time Out.




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Mike is in the room, so he can tell it like it is.

Why should you believe me?

McTweet: RT @eminiwizard:14:35 E: i said happy to get to 32/34 E: bonus below E: when risk reward says grab something do it #EMWS < knows the game

[15:36] E: just a monkee throwing darts


There is a lot more to trading than just knowing the numbers.

[08:17] E: agg zone for shorts is 45/48

[08:22] E: so that 32/34 is key
[08:22] E: as support
[08:22] E: til broken
[08:23] E: not going south


Half gap, gap , bingo.


[13:40] E: shorts will give back some this aft
[13:40] E: question is how much
[14:06] E: i think nice gifts need to be taken


Be a lover of the market, not a fighter.


[15:51] E: done deal
[15:58] E: thank u for donating to the Boyz retirement fund is what they are saying
[16:03] E: be done if trailer by 41.5
[16:06] E: the angel is born to test the demon
[16:08] E: [15:50] E: 34 support

Cos everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice

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