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Is your mind set or upset?

An anxious, confused mind always says no to opportunity.


The psychology of our thinking is perhaps the biggest obstacle to success, whether in trading or anything else.


We continually filter out information, in an attempt to locate ideas of relevance and importance. We prioritize according to our present goals, beliefs, dreams. Our awareness then allows us to choose how to act or react. This creates an unconscious bias.

The growing pace and bombardment of stimulation is becoming overwhelming, at least to me.


We need to know what we are looking for, or we can never find it.

We are looking to neutralize our bias, and see reality as it really is, not as we wish it to be.



What did I originally write?

What is the text I just added?

Speculate on the first two if you wish. My guess is this book is in your top ten list.


I guessed right.

Nobody sent me their thoughts.


These are the words I wrote in answer to that question in Trading in the Zone.

Consistently Make Profits.


Next:  What is the text I just added?


I kept a low profile on twitter today. Enjoyed being sidelined and watching the flow of ego’s on the streams.

I read this post today after seeing PipCzar offer it up.

A lot of my sentiments reflected here.

Mostly, monitor myself to obey my rules.


I capture the twitter posts , charts, and commentary. No changing opinion and erasing commentary to reflect the reality of what happened.

It helps me be a better trader, so I do my blog. Simple as that.

E: RT @TraderSmarts: $ES_F Clearly the old 1407.5 Big Macro TS # is back in play $SPX $SPY /<< u are smart trader #EMWS

Gorham11 : RT @bespokeinvest From overbought to oversold in one week. Ouch:… $$ #EMWS


That’s what happens when we accept the reality of Mark Douglas’s thesis.

Anything can happen, and often does.


Avoid trouble, look for the edge.


I did not like the short side today, other than for a range type scalp.

Just felt the longs wanted to squeeze shorts, especially at the open for a point or so. I also thought by EOD they would mount better defense.

MATD we wanted for half gap, gap fill was a bonus. I wasn’t looking for MATD to make a new low.

We didn’t think upside risk early was more than a few points at the open, and felt the bulls fumbled when they did not defend the 10.5 magnet.

The 1406 was chosen as normal support, and no expectation we would break that or even get there.


Flat blue line said range trade, and don’t expect too much either side before FOMC News.

Advised Team E to keep it light after a great day Tuesday.


[09:49] E: i would rather be conservative today than be too agg

[14:11] E: Gamblers guess.
[14:11] E: Professionals react.


14:12] E: sweep both ends is take out high and pb


Note yesterday’s RTH high taken out marginally.

So was the low.

[15:22] E: should hit the 1.5

15:42] E: missed by 1 tic
[15:43] E: losing my touch


The choice to believe…

or not to believe in ourselves…

Is always up to us.


How else can I tell you…


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