Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Missile Toed


Life is but a game…


Anyone who plays the markets knows that, or will before they are done.


Systems are right sometimes, wrong often.

And missed trades part of the game all the time, like my friend Matt.

How do you perceive the market? Is it an opportunity, or is it a fearful experience?


The problem is our doubt, worry, fear, and incomplete information.

May as well throw in over leveraging too.

We will never have enough answers, just more questions.


some traders calling for 1500 + some Lindsay 3 peaks and dome… just finding immediate supp and resist as best we can..tough market #EMWS


One trader called for 1600 after market today.

Who knows, not me.

I am still giddy from seeing support at 1342.25 a few weeks ago.

Seems just like yesterday the financial engineers gapped 1360.

Manic behavior has a tendency to get us comfortable with a short bias, then knocks us silly with a rocket.

The Emini wizard system looks to exploit the two types of normal behavior in the market.

  • Regression trading
  • Momentum trading


The end of the year is fast approaching, and anyone interested in learning our methodology should act by December 31. Prices frozen until then.

Group discount is available for 5 or more traders. Contact for details. (Chat room leaders are eligible for 50% discount for themselves with five or more traders who sign up. Free system for leaders if you enroll ten or more. Three months free tuition for all who come in a group package.)

Many traders teaching fibonacci, market profile etc.

Only one teaching the Emini wizard system.

This will enhance what you already know or though you knew. It is not meant to change your system, but to add to your knowledge base.


14:08 E: 37 agg support and only traders with profits willing to risk should initiate long this afternoon above 37 #EMWS

14:07 E: 44.75 gap is open from 10/18 that is today’s potential target #EMWS

near enough for gov’t work 12:48 E: 43.5 r2 and we had 42 as resistance 37 a winner take profits scale out at dt + #EMWS


The alligator was again nipping at the heels of the reindeer.


Rollover destiny we felt was to eclipse the election night highs.

Pre market Santa already doing a test run.

The market had more strength today than many shorts thought; we had back end high odds turn around the 42/44.

Back to back power days are not unusual, but probably closing on the high the second day is.

Power Charts help us see the deeper chart support and resistance.

Leaders lead, and the 30 min was a beauty. Did you notice the NQ never broke its overnight low?

ES 60 was a better fit we felt.






MMM by Roy Williams always on my reading list… and clicking the pictures a must if u do..


@MissTrade To old friends like Kenny… and new ones like Matt … best to you and yours  #EMWS


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