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Model T1

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After a long weekend, I would think traders would come back to the market more relaxed, but just the opposite seems true after browsing a few posts on Twitter.

Avoid trading if our mind is unclear is my motto.


[08:43] E: not enough news to do much of anything
[08:43] A. D: this market feels like an old model T that will choke and hiss starting up today
[08:43] E: u sound like u old enough to remember that…
[08:43] E: not me
[08:43] A. D: lol


Everyone thinks they know where the market is going. I am not ashamed to admit to our traders I have no idea where it is going, just that we try to make educated guesses about price and timing.

We have no crystal ball, and I presume that you do not either.

We talked about the Quants, who are supposedly the best and the brightest, and if we read that argument, we can easily see the possibility of Outliers and Black Swan type events.


[10:28]  E: zeek said we may get small ranges this year

[10:28]  E: so far i could smack him silly cuz he has been right

[10:28]  E: trading a lot more fun with xxxx point ranges

[10:28] bob a: y

[10:29]  E: same principles apply

[10:29]  E: but message delivered pony express

[10:30]  E: for u young   ‘uns


Markets repeat because Human nature never changes. All we can do is try to manage risk, as we try to find opportunity.

Trade Logic may be important, but risk management is everything.


We do notice patterns, and we do notice risk/reward ideas.

The first 30 Minute bar Sunday evening was gap up.  We have pulled back since then and are testing for support.


Why make the markets any more complicated than the truth we can see?

[08:13] E: any long side trades are thought to be bounce trades only
[08:14] E: matd done in globex and cannot be assumed to be reliable


When markets are slow, we discuss other ideas, and do some review of basic concepts. When Janelle asked why I thought 57 gets tested this afternoon, I was able to show trade logic.

When The half gap gap play completed this morning, we had ideas why we needed to be conservative about expecting a deep pullback.

“Too Much Information” is sifted through, and focus is placed on the most prioritized ideas.

As traders, fundamental information is important, but how do we quantify it?


The market continues to defy logic and ratchets higher. Hitting off the ladies tee makes it a bit easier to do that, as it makes traders dump the small winners as we pull back.

All we try to do is get a slice of that bread everyday. Half a loaf of bread better than none.


Speaking of Bread, I see that some Homeowners are still underwater. Unemployment continues to be a problem. Hopefully Platform to Employment will help pave the way: “Confront our fears and depression” is a useful mindset traders can adopt.

Keeping our dignity is important throughout the great recession.

Just do it.


Objective criteria for Emini wizard system players helps us to understand the need to have reliable, proven methods that work over time. When they don’t, accept that we are wrong and move along to the next set up.

[14:55] E: 55.75 t1 / [15:00] E: better collect chips more is good fortune #EMWS t1 is primary target for us




@QQQQInvestment @vkligys thanks for posts #EMWS today


A slice of bread…

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