Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Musical Melody

Stop losses

We thought range trade, until proven otherwise.

Starting with the premise of  MATD, we used the 46 as resistance, and assumed it was a valid play as a come backer.

We had already suggested long side scalp pre market for the gap fill, and assumed it was a minor stop run from the overnight high.

Using the 10 and 60 minute globex charts.

Dont be too bearish, as we are in  oversold territory.


We try to build a case for BOTH sides, to keep our thinking as objective as possible.

When the water is muddy, try for small bites, or remain sidelined and sit by it like a crouching tiger.

Conservative traders spring into action when it becomes more clear and we can see when traders are trapped.


[13:59]  E: have u noticed how simple it looks in hindsight?


Seed capital was used by system traders to try for the half gap, gap, and 40.25/ and more test.

We wanted to test support, and as per last night’s post, the longs would not become unwound until the 39/37  got taken out.

We noted that rotation near lunch, and thought the timing was odd but the price was right.


The shot from the Blue line and “score!

[12:04]  E: from blue line

[12:04]  E: bingo


On another note, friends sent me this story, with the notation “Shades of Owen Meany“.

Yes, indeed.

Music to our ears.

Some things are more important than the angels and demons in our little S and P trades.

This is one of them.


@BamaTrader meant to tell u nice photos of your family last week while u were on vacation… :) #EMWS

We are people first, traders second.


Any day low became available in multiple breakouts.

Timing trade idea said bounce coming.

[15:19] E: apb notice being sent out for PPT [15:19] E: where are u? [15:30] E: now i feel better lol #EMWS


Failure of the longs to bounce overnight allowed Shorts to say: “Show me.”

Distribution last week was seen when higher highs were being made on lower volume.


Another surprise today: continuation. We thought maybe we would only get range.

Gifts below 32 and then 28 were gladly accepted.


[14:25]  E: flush may be coming

[14:27]  E: xx done

[14:28] Lindy C: how could you tell that from the lines?

[14:28] JG 11: wizardry


Vacation coming up for me next week. Team E will be active, and my spirit will be there along with the system.

[12:16]  E: zeek called mini wrecking ball trade

[12:16]  E: absolutely right

[12:16]  E: :)

[12:16]  E: great call


[15:47]  E: sequence trading

[15:47]  E: thats what we do best


Last week’s cackling longs had little to crow about today, as they were quickly underwater and remained there most of the day.


Indomitable Spirit…


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