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My Turn

Risk and Reward


@BamaTrader was on a tear today with his insightful posts regarding Greenie, the man with the briefcase indicator.

Sometimes all we can do is react with policies and procedures that have worked in the past. Who knows whether they will be effective again?

Debt is debt, and borrowing more to pay off what we already owe and kick the can down the road has saved a good many (well, maybe not so good) politicians.

Not so sure that in the long run that works forever.

Try that with your home equity and see what happens when housing values no longer rise.

Alternative thinkers check out Mises


Premarket, time for seed capital, and forming ideas.

Thirty minute still looks good. (Profilers kindly disregard timing/price ideas presented here.)


We hoped for at least a sideways day, and pullback would be even better. Range it was.


The late day breakout was a slam dunk. After all, that has worked forever.

Trying for smaller pieces of the pie seems to be better lately in this type market. Find a few reasonable odds trades and take what we can.

Yesterday’s seminar we reviewed MM, a powerful discipline with rigorous rules and objective criteria. Today we reviewed some ideas about sequence trading, and U turn type trades.


I took a short break today after the 94 was tagged, and reversed into No Woman’s land.

Here is a great example of my U turn today.

IMG_0106 my turn

Be a lover of the market, not a fighter.


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Find a few of them is all we need.


Many years ago, I took a risk with a certain young lady. One of the rewards of this relationship is our youngest daughter, Ali, who was born on the first full day of Spring.

Happy Birthday Ali.  My turn to say thanks, you are one of the best gifts I have ever been blessed to receive.

One Love…

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