Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

New Year, same Old Lang Syne

The System

We drank a toast to innocence…


First time back at the charts since  a few days prior to Christmas.

Not much too say other than Boyz will be Boyz, they aren’t too worried about Santa remembering if they’ve been naughty or nice.

a few charts that I shared with the room today.

Turkey’s Fly.

Deeper 480.

Angels and Demons.

15 and 60 min chart support, daily too.


“I think support is at our average pivot of 58.75, let’s try 58 for buy side.”

Absolutely lucky, no doubt.



[13:33]  E: 78 was guestimate at resistance

[13:34]  E: longs better capture most i think by there


Many thanks to Zeek for his leadership and for the members sharing their insights as a team while I took a bit of time for R and R.


I hope you had an enjoyable holiday season. Mine was terrific, although I ended up the year with less than stellar health. Hopefully some Florida sunshine will do the trick.

With every best wish for you and your family; make this a year of growth, and love, and laughter, and embracing life.


We drank a toast to time…

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