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O Boomma

Breakout Day

Finders keepers,

Losers weepers.

[10:56] E: today is just skin shorts day
[10:56] E: like basketball game we used to play
[10:57] E: shirts and skins
[10:57] E: anyone remember?

The Line in the sand … #EMWS


[09:06] E: [08:05] E: and i think it was brilliant to have the dnc as showcase for getting market moving last night
[09:06] E: just use common sense

[13:34] E: pssst I have bridge to sell u… [13:35] E: if u think just a coincidence today we have largest day runup in months #EMWS


We found the right idea today, and when we do, ride the wave.

The brilliance of the manipulated move cannot be overstated, kudos, really to the market manipulators.

Within a stones throw already of  our next sequence target, identified weeks ago when I returned from my vacation.


[12:49] E: usually shorts are wrong 5 x before right one time
[12:49] E: lotsa luck
[12:52] E: dont overtrade
[12:52] E: anyone think my target for year makes sense now?


Emotional control is one of three key elements of trading, according to Jesse Livermore.

The other two?: Timing and money management.

If two out of three ain’t bad, three out of three is better.


Nothing left to say. One reasonable early morning short for traders would have easily financed the risk required for long side buying premarket.

When da fix is in, bet heavy.


[08:03] E: and best view is probably the 08 as the agg bo
[08:03] E: and the 6.25 as the important support idea


Either you believed or you didn’t.

[08:11] E: and short side today needs to be careful

[08:23] E: i think early shorts get squeezed today
[08:24] E: so contras may take some time
[08:25] E: 5 10 15 20 30 60 all in synch
[08:25] E: so shorts today remember anything south is gift

When the rocket’s red glare lit up last night, it became clear to me what the game was.


[10:36] E: i said last week we will make new high

The only question that remained, is “How high is high“?

MBO Days are like that.


Current members can access the notes in the protected forum.

We teach day,swing, and position trading.

Most likely our format will soon change, restricted to a few committed traders and by invitation only.


Zeek was on top of his game, as usual.

Zeek411: [09:02] Zeek411: nothing like a new multi-year high to make Waldo smile before accepting nomination[09:03] Zeek411: shorts may be squeezed all day[09:03] Zeek411: this is a rigged game today[09:03] Zeek411: recognize it and don’t fight it

[09:10] Zeek411: RDD up is possible


[10:19] E: zippity do da

[10:26] E: but i am skeptical of shorts this morning getting anything more than heartburn












(Note tweetdeck shut down, so many of these are duplicates to get all the tweets.)

@Marketrend @gorham11 @MissTrade @stockfella @SusanCTShore @tradethecycles @darjohn25 @jediphone @joeiiSG thanks all for posts on #EMWS


@MissTrade the marathon run actually started with the thanksgiving gap last year; sprint started in June #EMWS #feelgoodmom&poptonitednc


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