Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Opportunit E

Art of Trading

[08:05] E: remember that = lwl 59
[08:05] E: so that is an important low now


[08:11] E: the power of bouncing all day and then into the next night after a washout low
[08:11] E: this is why we cannot just average in to positions ad infinitum


[08:13] E: current high is resistance until broken

[08:14] E: need 59 support to hold today i think

[08:18] E: bias is neutral
[08:19] E: meaning can play both sides again


Shameless plug

[10:06] bob a: gr8 calls today E

If you are dissatisfied with high priced generalities and vague ideas tossed about in a high -priced chat room, consider your options before depleting your trading account.

If you have a conflict of interest with your broker making your calls, lots of luck with that one.


[11:15] E: targ is 72.25 as resist target


Follow the sequence.

Opportunity all day long, and swings as we saw them posted.

In the room, we even reviewed the risk/reward and did seminar on the magnets today.

NQ, why not?





Conservative or aggressive, something for everyone.

[10:32] E: game is squeeze into lunch if 65 holds
[10:32] E: so back and fill maybe
[10:32] E: dt first
[10:32] E: b4 bo

[10:48] E: problem for shorts is rising emas
[10:48] E: so xxx is idea of hh
[10:49] E: 66 support is aggressive
[10:49] E: conservative 64 area
[10:49] E: xxxx
[10:49] E: so the resistance target is 72
[10:50] E: and bears need to say doggie, get out of my back yard


Apple defying gravity, bounce after hours.

Run Forest, run.

No opportunity, didn’t play it.

Set boundaries. Enough opportunity all day long, nothing to prove by being fanatic.
We’re in for one wild night…

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