Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati



Trading as a Business

The key to riding the waves is to understand the forces that move the masses and know approximately when a society will reverse and head back the other direction. – Michael R. Drew

The “we generation”¬†is currently¬†demanding long term balance.

Marketers are now tripping all over themselves to give the customer what they want for free.

Why not?

Major companies have been bailed out, people now expect something for nothing.

Lots of luck with that idea.


The pendulum is swinging too far.


Professional athletes, doctors, dentists, teachers get compensated for their skills.

College education is not offered for free.

Learning life skills like trading from experienced professionals rightfully should come at a premium, not for free.

Twitter advice: We get what we pay for.


Investing in the Emini wizard system and learning how to apply the concepts correctly will take some time. Ultimately our success will be determined by the discipline we bring to the arena of our emotions.



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