Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Pick and Roll

Trend Trading

We had cautious trading advised for the IB, with expectations of a choppy range trade early to determine direction from the rain line.

Recent activity helped us identify potential support at 17, and immediately above it at the 19.5/20 zone.

MATD said hit bounces as scalps, not for home runs, and the rain line said don’t be too aggressive as shorts, since the 17/18.5 was logical first support.


Magnet 24.75


Eminiplayer is always thinking and posting insightful articles.

He is right on with his suggestion: We can be anyone we want to be on Twitter. The reality is what do we actually DO with all this information?

Not all trades are created equal, and we discussed that with members.

RT @eminiwizard: larry Williams once said we don’t know ahead of time which setups will work, for odds take them all.

Higher odds trades come from certain time and price zones. Additional confirmation comes from the NQ and other markets.

MATD trade became a winner in the IB break  for trailers and re entry shorts.


10 to 11 test is ideal #EMWS

9:58 i was thinking if lucky get the 25 resist for 17/14 gap if 17 goes i’d think could get 11 // any day low test now // 10 supp #EMWS


Secondary targets were 14.25 gap, 12.5 regression magnet, 1411.5 and 1410.

Any break of 10 opened the door for the 1405 test.


The truth is we will not be right all the time. The Pareto Principle says win a few, lose a few, scratch more often than we like.


Market wisdom:

A dueler once remarked: “I can break the stem on a wine glass from 50 paces with my pistol.” The unimpressed onlooker replied, “Yes, but can you do it while another dueler has a pistol aimed at your heart?”


That’s the reality of trading.

Set aside risk capital and have a go at it until our pockets are picked clean.

When it’s gone, find another business until we can scrape together enough capital to try again.


At least it’s only our bank roll that’s been taken, not our life.

15:44 Pek:  thank you E another nice day


Good news, bad news.

Good News: Still offering the Eminiwizard System at a fraction of it’s value through the end of Decemebr.

Bad News: Only a few weeks left. If you can’t afford it, or if you think the system doesn’t work, I understand.

No worries. Education comes first, then execution.

Read the posts, draw your own conclusions.


Bama: Always has something interesting to say, but he changes his mind a lot.





Pick and roll, and single handedly  Hoop’n it up.

No excuses in life.


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