Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Pinball Wizardry

Chart Patterns

Breathe. Relax.

Let’s enjoy the fruits of our labor before getting back on the treadmill.


If not, we will always be in a place where we are unhappy, and never satisfied.


“Keep your mouth shut and let your bat do the talking.” – Pop

[14:18]  E: run as fast as u can from people who say they have all the answers





[14:33] E: and HOD May be in
[14:33] E: we said earlier
[14:33] E: still don’t know

Yesterday’s post:

[08:18] E: [08:19] E: we need a slingshot day soon[08:20] E: like a new low that traps a few shorts, then bounces into the close[08:20] E: then overnight gets extended longside


[09:31] E: angel at 13

[09:28] E: and bias is momo matd

[10:21] E: if shorting using 28 as resist

[10:37] E: be careful of marginal highs

[10:41] E: system projected 25.75?

[11:50]  E: rth angel is 18, demon is 25.25

[12:00]  E: we now have a  fabulous conundrum

[12:07]  E: trailer is for a surprise on late longs

[12:08]  E: oooooooooooooooops

[15:11]  E: 22 as poss resist

[15:35]  E: looking at 1307 as support idea


I don’t need to post all the chat room notes to prove anything. I am comfortable being a nobody in the trading world.

I have made a fair offer for those who want to learn our system.

Traders in the room know what kind of education goes on here.

For two points a month, lol, what can I say?


Some traders feel a need to post their trades as trophies; for me it’s just one more day in the parade of days.

Business as usual.


Said to my shock,

you’re on the wrong block…


[16:03] tail chaser: just awesome stuff E.
[16:03] tim m: what does this say for tomorrow?
[16:03] Janelle _: ty, E
[16:03] Eric .: gn Janelle
[16:04] tim m: trmendous stuff E
[16:04] tim m: lol
[16:04] Eric .: E how did you see xx bounnce early in morning ?
[16:04] Eric .: did the cat tell you ?
[16:04] Janelle _: put the Wizard hat on already
[16:05] Lindy C: no J’s dog


Nq conforms fairly well too.


[09:25] E: careful of a megaphone today

[09:25] E: meaning we make new low from ovn

[09:25] E: and finds support

[09:25] E: and bounces again


Two sillouettes on the shade…

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