Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Puts and Calls

Trading as a Business

“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.”
– Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

Misfithab’s review was tremendous feedback for me, and well received here.

It wasn’t necessarily an “eye-opener”, as other members came in and said they heard we dont make calls.


Rolling up the sleeves here, putting my thoughts out there and calling it like I see it, as I usually do.


I have given away a lot of valuable information for free. Many of my twitter posts contain more useful information than what other “experts” give and charge $200 + a month.

Today’s society wants something for nothing.


@Bama: Highest value you can find, day after day #FF @futurestrader71 @Legacy_Trades @harmongreg @matterhornbob @Eminiwizard @DayTrend $$ – October 26, 2012




#1 Making Calls.

All chat rooms are educational in nature, since we don’t want the liability for anyone else’s decisions. We make unofficial calls; we state our preferences, our bias, our ideas.

The purpose of the chat room has been to teach the system “live”, through real time analysis. Webinars have been run to teach specific plays and patterns, before and after they have occurred.

My premise: Traders will never learn to trust their own judgment and intuition if they rely solely on a “guru”.

Obviously, anyone who reads my blogs and posts sees the reference points of these calls. More importantly, Members have seen the why of those trades, so the patterns can hopefully be identified in the future.

The umbrella trade is a classic example of a recurring pattern that is a license to print money.

An irony: As we have evolved, and became even better at sharing our bias and “making calls”, we continued to see traders who praised the system, but were still unable to make it and continue pursuing their dream of being a successful trader.

#2 The Emini wizard System is for day traders only.

A reminder, our perception is filtered by what we want to see (RAD).

The experts were calling for 1500, 1512, 1530. Whatever.

A macroman wanted to short the daylights out of 1265, then 1292. Then at 1450 he is saying “shorts, give it up. It’s obvious we are going to 1500+.

Do you remember this post in June? “Three points of risk.”

We had the courage to defy momo and the pull of gravity. Anyone who bought position from that major support idea was well rewarded using basic ideas from our system.


“Why not” Only two points of risk” was uttered in early October—-. That high is still in place.


In addition to well known patterns and plays, the Emini wizard system also has a unique blend of propietary ideas as well as recommending the use of intuition and common sense.

It works for other vehicles too like indexes, NQ, Stocks, ETFs.

Whether you want to day, swing, or position trade, or a combination of them, the principles remain the same.


#3 Chat rooms and blogs are social environments to trade by committee.

My blog’s primary purpose is not to promote my room. It is to teach the system to myself, as well as to anyone who wants to listen. A legacy is being built by capturing these thoughts and charts, step by step, one day at a time.

Interacting with other traders, and leveraging their ideas creates a “Mastermind Alliance.” All who would be successful in any endeavor utilize this powerful principle of Napolean Hill.

The shifting sands of time that washed away all the twitter posts of many traders have not prevented me from creating a legacy that will continue to teach serious students who delve back into the daily posts.

#4 All Chat rooms are the same.

To the Whale who suggested to me that there is no original thinking in my work, only common knowledge, I appreciate your intellect and your opinion, but respectfully suggest you may have a Blind Spot.

We first kneel before the Giants, then learn to stand on their shoulders to get a better glimpse of the future.

Survival comes first, then we can continue to apply the rules as we learn more about the markets and ourselves.


When we add our own insights, then we can say “The whole is greater than the sum of all the parts.”

The Emini wizard System is one such endeavor, and I am proud of it.

Former Options Maker:

[13:10] zeek 411: what an accurate and great system E October 25/2012
“It’s the only system I use.”


The deeper our pockets, the more we will be able to benefit as we go through the learning curve of this or any other system.

Thanks Daryl for your great review, I appreciate the Spirit in which it was written.


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