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Money Management

We wanted the first rotation longside to fail… setting up the short side any day low possible idea.

[10:41] E: and once we test and break low
[10:41] E: can go any low
[10:41] E: so target still can be the 67/66 gap


The 57 Fibo pb target was on the money and then some; we wanted to see divergence on the tic and volume ideas. -1400 is pretty enthusiastic, isn’t it?

The second divergence later was the ticket t ride for the LOD  when the market respected our guesstimate at1352 support.


Five rth and 60 globex were the premier charts for us today.

When 72 broke the targets became identifiable as partials by 67 (gap area) and trailer for the juice. Those primary targets were 62, 60.75, 58.5 and 57.

More was just an exceptional day, and guessing support coming in at the 50-52 zone. t1 W was 48 area.


Trend days, align with the waterfall, and say yeehaa. Leaders lead.

Premarket, anyone’s guess. Trend traders hit bounces.


Got trailers?

Ride ’em cowboy.



Thanks to the few of you who follow us, we appreciate it.

RT @Rrudram: Now who was it who gave a target of 1370 on SPX for this week? Somebody on #EMWS stream for sure. Congrats :) / TY needed pb


Traders who make the mistake of assuming that ATR is going to work in a RDD hopefully use stops. Outliers can and do happen; since the Bear jumps, we need to understand that dynamic as part of our trading psyche.

Trailers do the work.


Just one contract in a day like today and you could own the Emini wizard system. Lots of good info out there, many good systems to choose from. Just remember to pay your dues: minimum 10,000 hours.

Trailin’ is Hailin’ …

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