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Rock and Roll

The System

Have you ever been between a rock and a hard place?


We thought that area was 38 today, and The Exorcist typified the head spinning in the volleyball game until longs blinked late day.


[14:52] tim  m: what you just explained was worth the price of admission


“Thanks Tim.”


[08:04]  E: and 20 min chart

[08:48]  E: looks like the 120 chart in play

Last night’s post talked about our 47/48 resistance.

Premarket, zeek already on the 44.75 resistance. Awesome call.

Ten says time for lunch.

Twenty-Minute globex chart with descending triangle.

Tunnel vision for help.

Turn around Tuesday? Just everyone’s bobblehead.

Three-ring Circus today.

Nas nose.

Bull Doze.






@eminiplayer @BamaTrader @Jediphone @Seyan3 @carbload thanks to all for posts on #EMWS today

Humor helps us deal with stress in life.

Gaps…the generational kind, can usually be bridged with a smile.


Our primary objective today was 28, with juice beyond it. The late day scalp from 31.5 was for the icing on the cake.

Happy 29 th Birthday Awais.


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