Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Running Stops


That explains it.

I was wondering about a few things, like twitter users.

She fits the profile.


Connecting the dots, Felix and Felix both took a nose dive.

One in popularity, the other fell to fame.

Go figure.


The gap said trapped bulls saw red, but almost everyone on the planet who did their homework suspected we were destined to test the 17.

Remembering the general’s target from Friday, it seemed like a reasonable place for yeehas for those not caught up in the series.

Freese framed it in the first.


Frequent flier sky miles collected.

One trader on twitter glibly remarked about the propensity to turn around and surge higher.

Evidence first or stops required.

The long end of the curve does not care how many points we fell in the last 6 days.


Truth seekers may want to skim  zero’s documentaries.

Opportunity knocks.


A few charts

Sunday night

Multi view premarket. 123 Lower low already identified.


Angels and Demons

Stops already known and targeted by the Boyz

NQ  crashes and burns or we get reversal. “We cannot build our trading around expecting a crash every day, but we can protect ourselves from one.”

My expected back end resistance today.


My blog posts are going to move to more sporadic ramblings, less about the turning points, and more about other more important aspects.







Happy to see Renato doing great with his marketing plan, and it is a springboard for wondering “is it possible?

I am rooting for him to sell out those last spots and increase his price.

Admin has already been informed to push the one-time investment for The Emini wizard System up to $2499. when he does.

It will still be a bargain.


I encouraged some of my traders to visit the Emini-Executors room today. As suspected, it was time well spent and Anthony is a true professional.

He has another free trial tomorrow, and seasoned pros as well as rookies can learn from  their team.


After three and half years running a room, I am slowing down that effort and will continue to trade and analyze markets with a few close friends.


Global Equity Rally Hangs by a Thread was a post I read this morning. A stitch in time saves nine.


for the land of the free

and the home of the brave…


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