Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

School Daze

Chart Patterns

Fade our emotions.

Today’s message focused on that often overlooked idea.

We talked about that at great length, and reminded traders our own emotions hinder our trading insights.


Two lovers playing scenes from some Romantic play…


Key posts are under lock and key for the serious traders in our room. The rest is a smattering of the spectrum of thoughts that get generated throughout the day as we get gyrations when the major market players tip their “invisible hand”.

CM again today.

“Continued manipulation.”


School is in session again, and we had our lunchboxes, shoes shined, and were on our best behavior.


[08:23] E: but we have i think need to explore friday’s range
[08:24] E: before we think bo bd
[08:24] E: thats what was thinking
[08:24] E: today set up day


14:22] JG 11: such a simple, yet powerful, idea
[14:23] JG 11: and the criminal handbook
[14:23] JG 11: listening to you and Zeek day in and day out, has been tremendous


[14:26] Dean unpektable: it really is crazy we don’t have more traders in here. disheartening. This is the harvard of trading rooms


[14:38] E: book profits by 08
[14:38] E: smart


[08:20] E: then we can still range inside Friday before any bo bd [08:23] E: non directional bias right now #EMWS

[08:20] E: my guess is we need to knock out the 02 E: [15:20] E: 8 resist [15:20] E: and 02 support #EMWS

still inside Friday’s range …  #EMWS

[16:03] Dean unpektable: thank you E, wonderful day today [16:02] JG 11: as usual, excellent job today E / No BS trading learn or burn #EMWS

@SpiderTrades ty for rt [10:36] E: 94 is agg support





Look at what you’ve done…

and look how far we’ve come…

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