Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Scotus Gotus ?



Beam me up, Scotus.

[08:02]  Zeek411: EU game of charades ramps up today and tomorrow


The Star trekians would have been proud of the late day liftoff that caught the late shorts off guard.

Only the walking wounded who have read the Criminal Handbook and experienced the Boyz manipulations many times were ready for the late day levitation.


No sense boring anyone with the facts, in hindsight we all know how it played out.

I must ask a simple question, for all of us. How do we do in seeing things in real time?

Yes or no will do just fine.


Is our mind flexible enough to see both sides of the ideas, or do we constantly retain our bias?

[09:22]  E: i call it the sweeper trade

[09:22]  E: knock out the stops

[09:22]  E: for shorts

[09:22]  E: then they knock out all yesterday’s longs


I rarely make time to respond to other blogs, but I felt Eli posed a worthwhile topic that was worth pondering.

The Pretzel Party Traders came in smoking on cue, and we smelled a rat. The turtle catchers brilliantly sucked in the shorts with a tiny poke south, into our assumed support, 1306.25.

We laid out the case for the flyer and how it needed to operate, and said the Lower low 123 was possible, but wouln’t be known for sure until hindsight.

[15:38]  E: shorts trapped


Luck E guess is all, as most of our trades are.

Certainly not a rigorous discipline like market profile that makes seeing these ideas easily.

[09:23]  E: big support xx is 1306


We had so many swings guessed right today it defied logic.  We were just in the right zone, and read it right.

Experience matters.



Angels and Demons

Round Trip

Back and Fill overnight

Summertime Blues

Leaders Lead

Big Picture






[09:25]  E: the likely first move is trap agg longs

[09:37]  Zeek411: umbrella pattern across globex charts


Posted to Eli

Conquered territory must be retained.- Attila the Hun.

Sometimes news is already priced into the move, and profits are taken ahead of the news. Then markets react to news, finding logical support or resistance. Stepping back to see the bigger swings helps us see what the big players (who move the market) may be thinking.

We believe there is always opportunity, and reacting to swings and capturing pieces of the moves is the best way to play, especially the es mini.

Arguing both sides of the trade like you suggest is a smart and mature approach to trading. Biased traders defend their ideas, winning traders try to see who is currently winning and ride that wave.

Great post Eli.


[12:15] Dean unpektable: i like Janelles idea about clearing the deck chairs for cigar. not sure they cleared them all off yet though. one thing for certain the boyz are going to mess with us, but we are mentally tough and prepared

[12:15]  E: yes we are

[12:15] Dean unpektable: that’s all we can ask for

[12:16]  E: 1306 = xx xx


[14:18]  E: reminder of 1306.25

[14:19]  E: scale out

[14:34]  E: any juice remaining short side is gift

[14:58] Janelle _: E you are a teaching machine

[14:59]  E: ty :)


I need a Doctor for my headache.

Can our wallets stand up for it?


[15:16]  E: i think lod is in

[15:16]  E: 1 hr to go

[15:17] JG 11: i’d like to put on record: the real-time lessons and ideas shared in this room are outstanding

[15:17] JG 11: ty E and Zeek for your time / effort

[15:17] JG 11: it’s definitely appreciated

[15:17] tim  .: I second that

[15:17]  E: :)

[15:17]  E: most appreciated

[15:20] Mike M: ditto, tyvm


Good news.  No idea what.

target should be achieved here 38 area , but can go any high #EMWS

and we’re off to the Hamptons with smiles a mile wide high fives ! #EMWS

@Jediphone overheard by the Jv team: “oops” I guess we were a bit overenthusiastic , but the Boyz said git ‘er done ! #EMWS

measured move is 41.75 #EMWS







Where did I go wrong…


I didn’t. 44 years ago she said “I do.”

Just another lucky guess…

See you all next week.


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