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Beetlegeuse: It’s Showtime!


Show me the charts and I will show you the money.


[08:27] E: we never expose ourselves to undue risk
[08:28] E: volatility is our best friend
[08:28] E: manipulated markets also our friend if we understand the game


Since August 6th when I returned from vacation, I surmised the election run was in progress, and we were on our way to 1446.25 and 1449.25 basis the July contract.





On breakout days, we look for buying the pullback, and assume the first high needs to be taken out for any more progress.

Rollover may have contributed to some confusion for undisciplined traders, but those who are experienced knew we had a seven point differential, and the targets were adjusted accordingly.


Traders guessing against a trend day like today will be wrong 5 x and right maybe once or twice.

Easier to join the party.

Analysts like zero hedge worry and complain.

Traders trade the charts.


When we do our own work, the lions don’t scare us.

Our inner tiger knows what needs to be done.

Accept the risk, use discipline. Manage the trailers.

If we are wrong, admit it, go to the sideline, decide if there is anything that needs to be done. We can always rejoin the party when momo is still strong.









Election Run…

like a bridge over troubled water…

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