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Snake Oil

Trend Trading

Sometimes a small jump begins a bungee.

Best Snake Oil …  bungee right on schedule #EMWS


Try to fill me with doubt

Yet I know that the goal is to keep me from falling…

[09:35] E: 56 is xxx
[09:35] E: wayne now has oppty that he wanted before


Today certainly qualifies as a reversal day, and all our targets short side were hit. The late day 30.75 target was icing on the cake for anyone who was playing for squeezing every last tic out of the market.

[15:23] E: any day low including 30.75 #EMWS markers keep getting hit


Usually that last tic costs us a better risk reward opportunity for the EOD bounce.

We used 28 as support, totally guessing against the day’s trend. No profits, no contra trade taken is our rule, especially if a trader has already guessed wrong 5 x.



Best Snake oil Sold here

Charlie’s nightmare

Multi view Globex


High odds reversal Zone 


It’s Raining

Outlier Target achieved

Member’s Only Chart


Yet everyone around me thinks I am going crazy, maybe,




@vkligys @HamzeiAnalytics @yeeron @Rrudram @Cubs10 @b4youleap @spz_trader Thanks all for posts on #EMWS today


You cut me open

and I keep bleeding…


Keep keep bleeding love

I keep bleeding


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