Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Spanish Inquisition

Stop Losses

Traders afraid of missing the long side trade got a torture test today.

Those who averaged all the way down from 38.75 (the demon) need a refresher course I think.


[11:54]  E: best idea today was this needed to be measured by the total bounce

[08:34]  E: and was 42 significant?

[08:35] Lindy C: yes

[08:35]  E: from a thinking trader’s perspective, why?


Too Many Teardrops…

Glorious Failure.


The question mark for the mystery move left many uncertain traders thinking about buy, buy buy.

What was the real question that needed to be asked today?


Today was a tricky day, but it made no sense to try the long in nosebleed territory.

Not based on today’s spurious range, but also by the total measure.

We had bounced 80+ points, and we felt a more reasonable approach was try for the gap and then some.

Overnight the gravy was breaking 32.5, which we had as an important test.

We used that for resistance at the open.



Sunday Night Fever

The 41.25  127 already hit

32 test

Reversal or re tracing ?


[11:28]  E: and if u made $ this  morning

[11:28]  E: can take the contra if want to

[11:29]  E: using 1312 for support


12 support

Til Broken idea, then lower support can be challenged.

Lunch contra

Bama all over  the midnight train that left for Georgia

Any day hi or low possible.

[16:00] E: what was marker?

[15:18] E: trailin is hailin

NQ eyeballed

EOD review


Quick Review of today’s most important lesson:

  1. [15:02]  E: just a beautiful trap all the pb buyers
  2. [15:57]  E: if today doesn’t teach u the value of using stops and not averaging in, nothing will
  3. [08:36] E: we can go to any hi or low today
  4. [09:34]  E: 26 longs better have plan to take stop out
  5. [12:48]  E: remember friday’s “above 12 still support?
12 Broken, so lower supports can be tested.

[16:30]  E: Bus trip poll (we ran earlier in day)

[16:30]  E: easy to run overnight

[16:31]  E: where u think u are going without me, back up the bus, driver

[16:31]  E: scene of the crime revisited

[16:31]  E: other = all of the above

My answer = all of the above.


[16:01] Lindy C: 1298.75

98.5 tested in globex



Tear  Drops, and the message of the music. We can’t.








I sit in my room looking out at the rain. 
My tears are like crystals, they cover my window pane. 
I’m thinking of our lost romance, 
And how it should have been. 
Oh, if we only could start over again. 


96 Tears…


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