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Squeeze Please

Chart Patterns

Seeing the overnight range held from TMM, I assumed the low was in for the day.

[08:41]  E: i am expecting chop and squeeze


Using the 1402/1403 we wanted to break the 1400 barrier and then close the half gap and gap.

Our plan was pullback first hr, 92 likely support, so be flat by there. 30 minute chart suggested that target was appropriate.


The floater from the 30 minute chart bounced into the psychology zone and then the charts froze. After an hour and a half slim jim, the price once again popped out the high side, stopping out the shorts who were feeling the market was overdone and needed a pullback.

While I feel it could use a pullback,tough to fight the manipulation we are seeing these days.


We advised traders to break early and avoid trading the listless market.

“Not tradable” was our call.





Git ‘er done early was the right play today, and we said to longs just keep stop in play from 95 and trail it it that’s your game.


This was a good week for the longs.


Step by Step, the Jury is still deciding the next major move.

We don’t care which way, as long as it moves.

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