Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Breakout Day

Hmmm. I guess we now know Trader Z won the battle.


Kudos Zeek, outstanding call.


Today was a day for self -discipline, if ever there was one.


You know the day destroys the night 
Night divides the day…


Heavy workload with Rollover, so charts and brief post will have to do.

[10:00]  E: today is any day high day

The Cat’s Meow turned into a thundering roar by the Bulls.


Tried to run 
Tried to hide…


The 62 low we called as support til broken still stands.

Three points off the print low for the year.


We chased our pleasures here 
Dug our treasures there 
But can you still recall 
The time we cried…


Last night early evidence of stampede

Counterbalance, 1310 target already identified

Premarket high nearby

89.75 DB

EOD Multi view

Mirror Day


Jump The Creek

Rabid Dog Day

The Sting set up

The Sting

You Tell Me







1317.25 just hit.

Bulls were tired, target late, what can I say.

[16:03] E: t2 is ? [16:04] E: 1317.5 only unfulfilled target #EMWS


Break on through to the other side 
Break on through to the other side…

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