Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Step by Step

Trading as a Business

Step by Step, walk the thousand mile road. – Musashi.

Study The Way of all professions. – Musashi.


“We are all capable of learning ‘that next thing’ we need to learn.” – Dr. John Fagan

He was a superintendent of schools, and I had some philosophical conversations with him. As a teacher, he was my boss. After hours, I was his equal, as Director of Recreation.

His military background was rigid, and at first we had a few turf wars. We eventually worked together quite well, and the tactics I learned from him in  seeing the bigger picture were invaluable. The children in the community were the beneficiaries of our collaboration.

I also learned how to confront authority respectfully, and that has allowed me to challenge conventional ideas how markets really work.


Step by step.

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