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Still Waters

The System

Still waters run deep.

[08:10]  E: that triangle still filling out

RT @Maven__: “To the still mind the entire universe unfolds”. –Buddhist teaching. / #EMWS well said M


[08:17]  E: so 91.38

[08:18]  E: is important idea support today


Well, I built me a raft and she’s ready for floatin’


The market action all week was like a dinghy tethered to it’s mooring.

Going nowhere until the next storm comes along.

[13:03]  E: “no reason to be sailing in still waters”

RT @eminiwizard: @HamzeiAnalytics you posted nice article this week about avoiding lunch chop… held true again today ty // yw sire


And I ain’t got no worries
‘Cause I ain’t in no hurry at all

[16:01]  E: possum move


At the beginning of the week I suggested that the Boyz wanted another week of vacation, and said to the JV team “manage this”.


Don’t rock the boat.

[08:20]  E: catch a few longs and then close +

[08:51]  E: that high at 97.5 if gets violated

[08:51]  E: most likely shorts will be on defensive again


The pond of glass had barrier reefs today confining the range again. Last week’s explosive move had a limited rth range, as we have had all this week. 16.5 points globex range not exactly something to write home about.

[08:05]  E: so 92 agg support

[08:15]  E: and bears need to defend 99

Another day of frustration for fishermen wanting to catch the trophy fish from the deep blue sea.


[08:11]  Zeek411: gm

[08:11]  E: 94 angel and 1400 demon

[08:11]  Zeek411: beached whale formation

[08:11]  E: hi z

[08:11]  E: lol


[08:07]  E: rotated to the 30

[10:36]  E: range trading

[10:36]  E: neutral bias

[10:36]  E: but edge to longs for defending 92

[10:38]  E: 10 rth most likely

[10:38]  E: and 30 globex

[10:38]  E: 60 rth for sure


[08:35]  E: then we want to see the idea of caution by eod for rally into close

[14:46] E: shorts on the hook for closing #EMWS

[15:47] E: weekly demon 2.5 #EMWS say yeeha and longs trail still with 98 support


[16:04] JG 11: it’s a great team in here

[16:05]  E: yes it is

We are a small group of warriors, but we are strong.


A late day squall blew through here, heading out to MV. Tornado watch out there I heard.

Summer squall









Atoast2trading:@eminiwizard well spotted, on price and delta too – I think you will like the style of this post 😉



Yeah, keep on shinin’ your light…

Gonna make everything, pretty mama
Gonna make everything all right…

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