Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Empire Strikes Back


[08:25] E: avoid trouble


@Bamatrader: Always value, week after week. #FF @eminiwizard $$


He should be my marketing director.

I wish I could share with you the why’s, the reasons, the ideas.

Those specific details remain in the member room.


[08:05] E: and can be any high or low again today
[08:06] E: gap above in the 30.5 zone
[08:06] E: back at 6.75


The rest is just details.


And to be blunt about it, tossing aside manipulation, @Bama gets it.

“Even 1402 available” he said.

The market ran out of time for that target.


I would love to be witty and say I knew Kong was going to fall.

I didn’t.


Possibility? Yes.

When dealing with psychotics, “Anything is possible.”


Close those three gaps today? Twenty-four points apart?


Odds say unlikely.


[08:16]  E: reactive trading

Kings and Queens, Step by step.

Start with 33 resistance, and likely long side target 31.5.

Longs can push the envelope, but don’t.


[08:36]  E: matd is done 1 x [08:37]  E: anyone scalping use 33 AS RESISTANCE

Half gap, gap.

Overnight low..

Stubborn 18.5, a must hold defense to prevent Kong from stumbling  into free fall.

17 lets go and lights out.


Fifteen is a toehold, but a weak one.

No support is built up in yesterday’s flyer day.

That’s why it is any day low, once the market breaks key support levels.


Call me a nervous Nellie.

[08:25] E: avoid trouble

A reminder that constant analysis does not mean constant exposure to market risk.

Like many traders, I too am fearful, anxious, insecure about the market and where it will go.

The difference between us may be that I am conservative, and continue to look for high odds, low risk ideas that are worthy of “taking a shot”.


[08:31] E: 31.5 is potential key targ #EMWS

We often play partials, meaning scalping and trying for chunks of the market.

If you think we played this from stem to stern, follow me to see this bridge I am selling at a discount.

I love to see markets in motion, rather than playing in a choppy tight range.

Trapped traders who rush for the exits in an umbrella move, provide opportunity. Jump into the waterfall, take heat a few minutes (seems like forever), manage a stop, and then ride the move.

Never worry about missing the ends.

Plenty of room in the Pareto Principle.


[10:33] E: shorts don’t win unless they break that 18.5 #EMWS

Dominoes may fall, but don’t have to.

[14:03] E: 14.75 t1 #EMWS


RT @HamzeiAnalytics: we talked1412s early today when we were near 1426 area, if I recall correctly, LoD is now 1415 … GBA !! / nice #EMWS

RT @HamzeiAnalytics: way to go MAC+ // look at the 5-min, yes it is BYOC !! / great target now see if the 7 available? #EMWS

@eminiwizard Congrats — you got your 1407s [after Cash closed] but no internals and AWACS had already left its station and returned to base

@HamzeiAnalytics ty sir .. bulls failed to make one positive rotation today … and seemed like they were trapped #EMWS nice call General


When a momo trade starts, we have no idea how far it will go.


We make educated guesses, with our measures and ideas.


It helps to have some understanding of market structure.

Note how the sun disappears, the clouds arrive, and it is now raining.

The alligator has turned into an umbrella day.

We conjecture about fundamental ideas like reports, beginning of month bias, elections, but we trade technically.


If you have no clue about these reference points that were made, by any methodology, get help before trading.

Education is cheap, compared to the tuition the market will charge you.

There are tons of great traders who share “too much information” for free.




“Thanks to all for your #FF and re tweets”. A big thanks also to all who share ideas for the greater good.


Be assured that they have earned the right to charge what they do.  @eminiplayer, the General, @emini-executors, Renato, @fibdr, @tradersmarts, many others all worth every penny.


And yes, the General is right.

Kong will pass by the ninth floor, yesterday’s RTH low, before the seventh.

That’s step by step trading.


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