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The Long way Home Boyz


Team E had their doubts about me today.

I came in like a raving lunatic about being careful short side, that we could get the mirror day today.

The members politely accepted my interpretation, but when the trap door opened and we fell through the floor, it was lights out, doomed to fall into the abyss.

Primary Target was 1295.38, so we assumed the 92/95 was “watch out” for longs either chasing the junkyard dogs out of their territory, or suffer another leg down.

Funny how we get these rip snortin’ bounces , isn’t it?

Illogical, feisty, but mechanical.
Pattern recognition and market structure helped me see the possibility of today’s reversal.

Not in hindsight, but before the Angel began to fly.


Don’t pay no attention to the demons that are near,

they will only fill your mind with fear…


Today’s unsung hero was a trader whom I don’t know, but thank you very much Vytis for that Rt.

E: Vkligys : RT @WatermanLXXIII: Expecting (at least) 1265 before 1310.75 // ty vytis was good contrarian signal #EMWS

It confimed in my mind that I was reading a potential reversal pattern correctly. The contrarian indicator was that psychology had become too bearish; we either bounce or crash.
Zeek was the hero today.
Impeccable timing and surgical precision with his LOD call.

I said I thought lunch low was in anyways, and lets see if the market can scramble above 1302; if so then we could squeeze and get to the half gap at 1311.

“I want the gap” was zeek’s obstinate opinion.

I may have told you this before, but I think we make a great team.


The key shift in the dynamic pivot structure was the pull back from the deeper resistance at 1305. We felt that was a scalp trade, destined to be taken out. Aggressive entry if flat  was understanding the 99.5 ib low to the 96 angel. Exit at the 2 to 5 range with no profits/ no re Рentry rule allowed for a bit more flexibility in taking the squeeze trade. This limbo area was the key reversal for the rest of the day.

It all looks so easy in hindsight, but in reality it never is.

Studying it in hindsight helps to recognize it in real time.


Mission accomplished, squeeze in place, and EOD the 18 probable resistance, the retest of yesterday’s breakdown.

Mirror day complete.

Team E once again thinking I am a capable monkee throwing darts.


Got them fooled.


See you at the zoo, swinging from limb to limb, step by step.





Bring it on Home Boyz…


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