Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Money Management

I am a professional safe cracker.

When the tumbler’s all fall into place, the door opens wide and I want to grab the loot all day long until the bank shuts it’s doors at closing time.


It’s a risky business mind you, but a few good heists and we can lay low for awhile.


‘Cause I been rockin’ this party eight days a week.


We were looking for another slippery slope, and we got it.

The bull climbs the stairs, and the Bear jumps out the window.


I guess they did. Sell in May and go away.

First of the month bias and all that, and yet, go figure.

Almost 30% of this year’s pace evaporated in just four days.


We had many support levels for testing, and as each one gets taken out, we look to the next one. That’s step by step trading. In a Rabid Dog Day, we usually run out of time, rather than support levels.

Still thinking about the General’s response the other day about his support level for 1450. Long way home trade, that’s for sure. Great traders like that already know that it’s better to join the winning team and find support rather than cling to a notion that’s not working.


[08:32] E: and resist still 88 demon

[09:08] E: ok we have any day low possible
[09:08] E: shorts being made to chase at the open
[09:08] E: bias still hit bounces

[09:10] E: still umbrella

[16:03] E: [15:45] E: i bet we hit 62


[11:10] xxxxx : you are very clear, E, actually, I just need to get my head around it


[16:03] Dean unpektable: great week, thank you E
[16:03] E: :)
[16:03] E: uw
[16:16] Eric .: Great call on 62 E, have a great weekend
[16:17] E: dont mess with system
[16:17] E: :)
[16:17] E: ty
[16:17] Eric .: lol exactly


Team E is strong.


As some of our traders have become more familiar with the system, they have learned how to help each other and share ideas.

[11:12] bob a: and I have found nq trends better on “trend days”
[11:12] bob a: than es
[11:12] Dean unpektable: yes absolutely bob


[11:48] E: shoot first act ? (typo, act = ask) later
[11:48] E: range was there at the xxx
[11:48] E: then dumps
[11:48] E: and dumps again
[11:48] E: bear jumps
[11:48] E: this is classic
[11:49] E: get into waterfall
[11:49] E: ride it
[11:49] Dean unpektable: daily T2 NAS xxx
[11:49] Dean unpektable: just following the system


[10:21] E: any day low including 68 and below

[11:30] bob a: room has been gr8 this week


[09:57] E: trend days i go with trend until common sense says stop

[09:08] E: ok we have any day low possible

[15:20] E: mint julips and salsa day tomorrow
[15:28] E: 62 likely to get hit b4 day over

near enough :) #EMWS


Not going to ramble on and on. Team E knows just how good this system is.

Join us when you’re ready, or not.

We always have choices in life.


Thank Goodness It’s Another Day of Opportunity.






Bob and Eric, great call yesterday for 67 target.


MCA must be in Brooklyn. RIP.

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