Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Turning Tables


See Spot Run.

See Fido Run.


If we loved sports analogies, easier just to say ping pong, or tennis, or volleyball, whatever.

No, we have to be PC and say invisible fence for Spot and Fido. [13:12] Janelle _: bravo E [13:12] Janelle _: great dog fences


Woof, woof, woof. Growl, grrrr, arf arf. Get outta my yard, you don’t belong here. :)


Close enough to start a war, 
All that I have is on the floor, 
God only knows what we’re fighting for, 


The tables were tuned several times today, and our system had the invisible fence where it belonged. Accordingly, both sides needed to play offense and defense.

[09:37]  E: psy ko lo G


[08:57]  E: trading is a businessWith this kind of volatility, discipline is required.

The Key thoughts:

  1. Avoid trouble. Find a trade we like or pass. Accept stop outs.
  2. Nibble Short for better balance in regression trading idea.
  3. Don’t get caught short below xx.
  4. Get to break even, take partial profits, win with trailers.
  5. Don’t overtrade prior to news.
  6. Use IB range as a guide.


I can’t keep up with your turning tables, 
Under your thumb, I can’t breathe, 


Thanks Tall Red.

RT @eminiwizard: [14:47] E: bingo [14:46] E: say yeehaa #EMWS yeehaa!!

RT @tallred: RT @SLtrader: @eminiwizard learned some great stuff from you!! THX! one of the BEST! / :) thank u #EMWS


Miss Trade, top of his game obviously.

Matt already has today’s targets in view.

[08:15]  E: no denying we need pb


Thanks Janelle. [12:57] Janelle _: you missed E being amazing again


E: Eradke :great seminar, E-mini Executors , well done glad I saw your post #EMWS

Eradke: eminiwizard thanks for stopping by, some technical difficulties. Couldn’t get to your question but will email you.

It’s 95+ degrees, summer here. Time for some slackin’.


Some charts to share.

 Pre market

Angels and Demons

Multi view EOD Nas as nose cone



Some for members only.

These are worth their weight in _________ (fill in the blank: gold, ice cream, T and T, whatever.)

The Pipe


See Spot Run

Tunnel vision


Psychology Day.

So I won’t let you close enough to hurt me, 

Shorts have memory, will probably be reluctant to short. Then when this thing gets moving, they will be late, chase it, and we will have the opposite of yesterday.

The early longs are trapped from yesterday, and will pay up. Then the Late shorts get hit.

Gap fill. Take it and run.

47.75 previous support, now resistance til broken.

Out, and target first swing 45 to 48. Forty-five Angel. Market WILL test 53.


Under hardest guise I see, ooh, 
Where love is lost, your ghost is found, 
I braved a hundred storms to leave you, 
As hard as you try, no, I will never be knocked down,


Yesterday’s Demon 54.5 . If shorting, look for the 49.5 to 47 targets. More is gravy.

Yeehaa. Bingo at 42 test.

Careful Now, and I have to run to appointment at Town Hall. Watch low for support, if 49.5 violated, longs get off the hook.

LOD area support til broken.

[11:57]  E: anticipate and track footprints of big boyz


Next time I’ll be braver, 
I’ll be my own savior, 
When the thunder calls for me, 
Next time I’ll be braver, 
I’ll be my own savior, 
Standing on my own two feet…


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